Paranormal Love (part 21)

Hi guys, welcome to part 21 of my Paranormal Love series. This part is mostly from Heidi's point of view. I bet you'll spend this whole part wondering when you will find out the truth. If you are reading this, post in the comments who your top 4 favorite writers on are. One of them better be me! Haha, just kidding. But I would be really honnored to be on your top 4 list. :) My top 4 would have to be: xxblutixx, Dannica, TheRecklessBam, and Xx3mo_Ang3lxX. All of them are epic writers, even better than me. Unfortunately, I don't think any of them take my series. :(

Recap: Turns out Heidi works for Jace, but you don't know that yet. Jace has sent some more agents to Heidi, so they can help her bring you back to him.

Created by: Firey_Soul

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  1. It's 2 days after Jace got the phone call from Heidi. Right now it's 4:30 in the morning. ***Heidi's P.O.V.*** So there I was sleeping peacefully in my hotel room when I heard a loud knock at my door. "What the?" I mumbled to myself. I dragged myself out of bed and answered the door with a "Whatdaya want?" Then I realized it was some of my fellow agents that Slate sent. Looks like he got Jade, Riley, Ty, and Drew. Perfect. All of them are super tough and niether _____ nor her friends have ever met them. "Well Heidi, aren't you just one big freaking ray of sunshine?" Ty said with a huge grin. "It's 4:30 in the morning. Give me a break." I said. Jade, Riley, Ty, and Drew looked kinda like they were hopped up on crack or something. "Are you guys high?" I asked blankly. "Uh, on coffee yes." Drew replied. "Slate gave us this potion that's supposed to keep you in human form and keep other supernatural beings from dectecting your powers... we're still not quite used to it." Riley said. "I know about the potion." I replied. "I have to take that too after all." "Humans get tired really easily though, so we drowned ourselves with coffee." Jade said. I noticed her hands shaking a bit. "Yeah. Big mistake on your part." I said.
  2. "Well anyway, did Slate send any more agents?" I asked trying to change the subject. "Yeah. Seth and Mikey are in the lobby." Drew replied. "Ok, cool." I said. "I'll let you guys calm down from your coffee high, just go for a run or something, but don't use up all your energy. Slate is gonna be pissed if you guys screw this up." "Chillax, Heidi. When we return to our magical forms, this will wear off." Riley said. "I say we attack them at around 3 in the morning, so no one can see us in our magical forms." Jade said. "C'mon Jade, you aren't thinking clearly. It's the coffee talking. Yes, we will take _____ at around 3 in the morning, but we'll try to be as quiet about it as possible and only fight if we have to." I said. "Plus it might not be tonight, there's still some stuff I have to do. By the way, some of you will need to establish a friendship with ____ or make her trust you somehow." They stared at me like they only could comprehend part of what I was saying. I rolled my eyes. "Like I said, go run off your coffee high, and come back here in the afternoon and we'll make a game plan. Got it?" I said. They actually looked like they understood me this time. They all left my room and I went back to bed.
  3. ***TIME FORWARD*** Jade, Riley, Ty, Drew, Seth, and Mikey finally calmed down a little bit from their coffee high, and we were in my hotel room trying to come up with a plan to get _____. "Okay," I said. "We need about 2 people to go with me and find out where ____ lives. The rest of you will help kidnap her when the time is right." Drew spoke up. "Heidi, can I be your boyfriend?" he asked. "What? No! Why are you even askin... oh, see what you mean." I said realizing he was talking about the mission. "Okay, yeah. You can play the role of 'my boyfriend'." I said. Drew smiled and rolled his eyes at me. "What if I was your sister?" Jade asked. "Probably not, we look nothing alike." I said. Jade had black hair with blue streaks and light green eyes. "True..." Jade said. "Well what about your friend?" "Sure." I said. "Let's just say you were uh... sick for a few days so _____ and Allissa never got to meet you." "That works." Jade said. I turned to Riley, Ty, Seth, and Mikey a.k.a the tough guys in the group, "You guys are responsible for getting _____. Be as quiet as you possibly can, and only fight if nessasary. I'll help you guys, and Drew and Jade should keep watch for anything suspicious." We disscussed the plan further, and I think it's going to work out.
  4. ***Your P.O.V.*** You were kinda bored just lying on the couch and blankly staring at the tv. Everyone else seemed like they had something to do. You know how when you're bored, all your creativity just goes down the drain? Yeah, well that's how you felt. Just then, your phone buzzed with a new text. You picked it up hoping it would be something interesting. It was a text from Heidi that said: "Hey, _____. Meet me @ the beach again? I'd like u 2 meet my friend and my bf (sry u didn't get to meet them sooner, my friend has been sick lately and my bf has been busy.)" You reply: "Ok, c u in a few." "Yes, finally something to do!" you think. You walk into the kitchen which is connected to the living room. Nick and Ethan are sitting at the counter talking. "Where are you going, _____?" Ethan asks. "To the beach to meet Heidi, her friend, and boyfriend." you say. "Not without a hug you're not!" Ethan says. He gets up and hugs you and kisses you on the cheek. "Forgetting someone?" you hear Nick say. "I didn't forget ya, Nick." you say walking over to him and hugging him. "Better." Nick says. "Bye guys." you say walking out the door.
  5. ***Ethan's P.O.V.*** I accidentally unloaded my thoughts onto Nick. "Nick, I know you've never met Heidi, but you're a pretty good psychic. Have you been getting some weird vibes lately?" Oops. I sort of expected Nick to look at me like I'm crazy, but he didn't. "Well actually I have, but knowing me, I worry too much so I've tried to shake it off." Nick said. "So why are you asking me that, have you been getting weird vibes?" "Yeah." I replied. "Weird vibes about Heidi. She seems nice and all, but there's something about her that I don't trust." "Same here." Nick said. "Even though I've never met her." "I'm kind of worried about _____." I said. "Me too." Nick said. "Okay, well if she's not back soon, I'm going to text her to see what's up." I said. "Agreed." Nick replied.
  6. ***Your P.O.V.*** You are quick to spot Heidi with two other people, a girl and a guy. You walk over to them. "Hiya, ____!" Heidi says with a smile. "Hey." you reply. You can see the guy and the girl better now. The girl has long, black hair with blue streaks in loose waves and light green eyes. She looks a bit gothic with her nose ring and eyebrow piercing. Plus she's wearing all black besides her silver necklace. Typically, she would have looked mean to you, but she just gave you a small smile. The guy was a few inches taller than Heidi and pretty thin. He had short, dirty blonde hair and pale blue eyes. He gave you a friendly smile. "_____, this is Jade and Drew." Heidi says, introducing you guys. "Hey, nice to meet you." you say shaking thier hands. You guys get to know each other a little better and not soon after, Jade says, "So where do you live, _____?" "Yeah, I was wondering the same thing." Heidi says. "See that big beachouse off in the distance?" you say pointing. "Of course. How could you not see such an awesome house?" Drew says. "That's where I live." you say. Heidi, Jade, and Drew's eyebrows shot up. "Really?" Jade says. "That big beautiful house is yours?!" "Well, not mine. I live with 6 of my friends. But yeah, it's a pretty cool house." you say. "I can only imagine..." Heidi says. "Do you guys wanna come see what it's like?" you ask. "Sure!" They all say smiling.
  7. You guys go back to the beachouse. You unlock the door and go inside. You find that Ethan and Nick are still at the counter. You introduce Jade, Drew, and Heidi to them (You don't introduce Heidi to Ethan, they already know each other.) They say 'hi' but they don't seem to thrilled about meeting them. You find everyone else in the living room. Chris, Bryan, and Anthony are playing that zombie killing game and Allissa is on her laptop. You introduce them to everyone else. No one pays much attention to Drew, Jade, and Heidi because they're more interested in their gadgets. "Um, they're more friendly when they're not plugged in." you say. You show them the rest of the house, or most of it. You don't show them anyone else's room besides your own. "I like your room, it's simple but pretty." Heidi says. "Thanks." you say. Just then, Jade picks up her phone. "Aw, man. I gotta go. My mom just sent me an angry text telling me to clean my room." "That's okay, Jade. I'll help you." Heidi says. "Me too." Drew says. "Okay, so I guess I'll see you guys later." you say. You walk them out and go back to doing whatever it is you feel like doing.
  8. ***Heidi's P.O.V.*** "Wow, that was easier than I thought." Jade said. "It could be because that was the easy part of the mission." I said. "We still have to successfully kidnap _____ and bring her back to Slate. In the meantime, I'm going to enjoy my last day in California. You guys with me?" Jade and Drew nodded.
  9. ***TIME FORWARD*** (those of you who wanted that to happen, rejoyce!) It's getting close to 3 in the morning, things went according to plans so far. There was absolutely no one out, it seemed the whole city was asleep. Not that it really mattered though because the beachouse was fairly isolated from the city and only kind of visible to those in the city and on the beach. The chances of witnesses were slim, just what Heidi and the others needed.
  10. ***(still) Heidi's P.O.V.*** Riley, Ty, Seth, Mikey, and I were walking quickly and quietly through the darkness while Drew and Jade followed behind from a distance in Drew's car. It was a rather cloudy night, so it was kind of hard to see, especially because we were all in our human forms for now. We approached the side of the beachouse, then we snuck behind where ____'s window was. It was a good two stories up from the ground. "Riley, turn invisible and go see what's up." I ordered. First Riley turned into his dark angel form and then he turned invisible. He flew up to _____'s window and a moment later appeared on the ground again. "She's asleep and there's no one else in her room." Riley said. "How are we gonna get in?" Riley asked. "Easily." I said. "Seth will teleport in ____'s room while Ty and Mikey will use their ghost forms to walk through the walls." "What do I do?" Riley asked. "You keep watch and let us know if you see anything." I said. Ty and Mikey turned into ghosts and headed into the house. Seth was about to teleport, but I interupted him. "Seth, wait!" I said. Seth stopped what he was doing. "Take me with you." Seth nodded. I grabbed onto his arm and we teleported to _____'s room. Ty and Mikey were already there. I put my index finger to lips telling everyone to be quiet. "Seth, grab her." I said telepathically. Seth slowly walked twords _____'s bed and peeled off the covers. luckily, she was still asleep even after Seth picked her up. Seth and I teleported out of the house while Ty and Mikey walked out through the walls. Riley saw us. "Oh good, you got her." he said in a barely audible whisper.
  11. ***Your P.O.V.*** you are for the most part sleeping, but you are also somewhat aware of your surroundings. You feel like you are being carried in some muscular arms as well as being pressed up against a muscular chest. You're pretty comfortable and at first you think it's one of the guys. You become a bit more awake, but your eyes are still closed. "Could it be Chris?" you think. "Hm, maybe it's Bryan. Or Ethan. Or Nick... wait a second. Why would the guys be carrying me around in my sleep? That's just creepy." You pretend to still be asleep and open your eyes just barely enough for you to see what's around you. "What the heck am I doing outside? And...OH MY GOD! WHO ARE THOSE PEOPLE?!?! Okay, ____. Don't panic. Get Bryan, Anthony, or Allissa. Better yet, get all 3!" you think. "BRYAN! ANTHONY! ALLISSA!" you scream inside your head. You are put down it what feels like the backseat of a car. You're still pretending to be asleep and trying not to let whoever those people were know that you're awake. The car door shuts and the car takes off really fast. You hear an unfamiliar male voice say "What if she wakes up?" Bryan's voice is first to respond to you. "_____?" what's wrong?" you hear his voice in your head. "HELP!" you scream inside your head. "I'M..." You didn't get any farther, because you feel a sharp pinch on your shoulder. Everything goes pitch black. You are unconsious.
  12. Oh, it's what you think it is. >:) CLIFFHANGER!!!!!!!!!!!! Who do you like?

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