Paranormal Love (part 15)

Hey everyone, welcome to part 15 of my Paranormal Love series! Hope you guys like this part! I wish I could write more often. Stupid school is getting in the way of that though. The only classes I actually need to take are language arts, art, and creative writing because I'm 100% sure I want to be a writer when I grow up. School, gotta hate it. :p

Hey, did you know that I came up with Slate's name in science class? It's true. Slate is actually a type of rock but it sounded like a good name for a demon. Ok, I'll shut up and give you a recap: You found out that Jace is Slate and he somehow managed to get through the magical barrier around the mansion. Allissa and the guys made a necklace that's suposed to protect you and keep Slate from finding you. Nick just told you that everyone is going to leave the mansion and go to...

Created by: Firey_Soul
  1. "We are going to California." Nick says. You feel sad to leave the mansion and happy to go to California at the same time, you've always wanted to go there. "Oh cool!" you exclaim. "I've never been there." "Well, we think you'll like it." Bryan says. "It's pretty awesome." Chris adds. "Yeah, Allissa has never been to California either, so you'll both get to see it for the first time." Anthony says. You look at Allissa "Really?" you ask. Allissa nods. "Yup, been in Colorado pretty much my whole life." she says.
  2. Just to let you know, all the guys are from California, (even Anthony.) Both you and Allissa were born in Colorado and haven't been outside of the state much. Anthony moved to Colorado when he was 10 years old. That's when he met you and Allissa. And yeah, I've already said this, but Anthony and Allissa didn't start going out until 6th grade. (he's always had a crush on her though.) Ok, now that you know all this, let's get back to the story.
  3. "Well, we should probably start packing now." Ethan says. "Good idea." Chris replies. Everyone goes to their rooms and starts packing. You look around your room and find a suitcase in the closet. You pack all the essentials into the suitcase. A little while later, you are done. You hear a knock at the door. "Come in." you say. It's Allissa. "Hey, ____. Did you pack a bathing suit? Nick said that we will be staying in this cool house by the beach! I can't wait!" she says excitedly. "Oh, no I haven't. I don't think I have one." you say. Allissa walks to your closet and looks around. "I bet I can find a bathing suit in here." She says. "Ah, here it is. I bet this would look great on you!" Allissa pulls out a really pretty bathing suit (it looks however you want it to.) "Yeah, that's perfect." you say taking it from her and stuffing it into the suitcase.
  4. "So, just wondering, why do we have to wait until night to leave?" you ask. "We'll be less likely to be seen then." Allissa replies. "How long will we be gone?" you ask. "Until it's safe to come back to the mansion." Allissa says. "And that may take a while. But don't worry, Anthony told me what the beach house looks like, and it sound so awesome!!!" "Like more awesome than the mansion?" you ask. "It sounds just as good as the mansion, but instead of the view of a thick forest, it has a beautiful veiw of the beach." "Okay, yeah. That sounds pretty cool." you say. There's a bit of silence. You break it by saying "So you're sure that Slate won't find us?" you ask. "He shouldn't be able to. Especially if you wear that necklace we made." Allissa says. "Alright then. I trust you." you reply.
  5. ***TIME FORWARD*** It's about midnight and everyone is ready to leave. You are taking two cars to go to the airport. In Chris' car, there's Chris, Bryan, and Nick. In Ethan's car, there's Ethan, Anthony, and Allissa. You decide to go with Chris, Bryan, and Nick. Then you realize that you forgot your i-pod in your room. "Guys, wait. I forgot my i-pod, I'm gonna go get it." "Okay, hurry." Chris says. You run back into the mansion and go up to your room. In the hallway you remember that last night you told Jace to come back. "Oh, crap..." you think. You decide to take off your necklace so Jace won't see it. and slowly walk into your room hoping Jace won't be there.
  6. You switch on the light. Your room looks exactly how you left it, You look at the glass doors leading to your balcony. Fortunately, there's no one on your balcony but you notice a note taped on the doors. You take the note off and read it.
  7. The note is handwritten in red ink. It says: Dear ____, Sorry I couldn't make it. Slate is making me work late, I hope I can see you tomorrow night. Write your response on the back, and I'll pick up this note early in the morning. (Don't worry, I won't wake you up.) Love ya. -Jace. "Oh, right." you think. "I don't know that Jace is lying to me about being Slate." You quickly think of a response and grab a pen. "Dear Jace, Sorry. But I don't think I should see you anymore, everyone is starting to get suspicious of me and I don't want to get caught. It's just too risky. Please don't visit me anymore. -_____ "Hopefully that will fool him." you think. You tape the note back on the door. You also mess up your bed and put some pillows under the covers so it looks like someone is sleeping there. Then you grab your i-pod, turn off the lights and leave. You remember to lock up the mansion and you get in Chris' car.
  8. "Ready to go?" Chris asks. "Yup." you say. Chris starts the car and drives out of the gate. Ethan is following behind. You turn around and watch the gate close behind you guys. "Bye mansion, I'll miss you." you think. Bryan, who's in the backseat with you turns to you and asks "So ____, what took so long?" You make up a lie on the spot. "I had a little trouble finding my i-pod because I am challenged." you say. The guys laugh. "Challenged but beautiful." Bryan says with a sparkle in his brown eyes. You smile, "Well, I'll take that as a compliment." you say. "Good. Because that's what it was." Bryan replies with a wink.
  9. Pretty soon you're out of the forest and back into the city. There's hardly any other cars driving aorund. The city looks really pretty at night. You are looking out the window pretty much the whole time. Your favorite CD is playing while you and the guys have an interesting conversation about random and funny stuff. You finally feel like you can relax.
  10. You finally arrive at the airport and get on the plane. You are sitting in between Ethan and Chris. You start to feel tired and end up falling asleep on Ethan's shoulder.
  11. Well, that's it for this part. And for those of you who don't know what that means, it means CLIFFHANGER!!!!!!! Sorry, I wish I didn't have to go to school so I can make more of this series. :( Anyway, who do you like?

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