Paranormal Love (part 16)

Hey guys, welcome to part 16 of my Paranormal Love series! You know the drill. Don't forget to comment and rate, yadda yadda yadda. I seriously can not stop thinking about food right now.

Recap: Nick tells you that everyone will be going to California. You write Jace a note telling him not to see you anymore, and on the plane to California, you fall asleep on Ethan's shoulder.

Created by: Firey_Soul
  1. You wake up and at first you don't know where you are. Then you remeber you are on the plane to California. You also notice that you're leaning on Ethan's shoulder and that his hand is on top of yours. You quickly sit up straight. Ethan looks at you and smiles. "Look who finally woke up." he says playfully. "Dear God please tell me I didn't drool on Ethan's shoulder!!!" you think. You glance over on Ethan's shoulder. No drool, phew! "Sorry. Didn't mean to fall asleep on you." you say. "It's fine." Ethan says. "You look cute when you're sleeping... and cute when you're awake. You're just awesome like that." he winks. "Aw thanks." you say. "So, are we there yet?" you ask. "We still have a little while to go." Ethan says. "Ok, good. Because I'm still tired." you say. Ethan laughs. "Well, night ____. I hope my shoulder is a good enough pillow for you." You smile. "It is." you say, leaning on his shoulder and going back to sleep.
  2. The next thing you know, you hear Ethan's voice. "Wake up, ____. We're here." he says softly. "We are?" you mumble. "Yup." Ethan says. You yawn and stretch. "Oh boy!" you say. You were excited but you didn't sound all that enthusiastic because you were still half asleep.
  3. ***TIME FORWARD*** Everyone is at the beach house now. The beach is much prettier than you anticipated! The beach house isn't like the mansion, but it's pretty big and SO cool looking! It's kind of isolated, but there's a city nearby. The beach wasn't crowded at the moment, however that could be because it was early in the morning. The sand looks sorta like sugar and it's really soft. The sky had a beautiful sunrise! There were hints of light pink, baby blue, light purple, and orange scattered all around it. The ocean reflected all these colors and made the beach look even more pretty. You and Allissa are looking around and taking in all this beauty while the guys are smiling at your reactions. "Wow! this place is so pretty!" you blurt out. "Glad you like it." Bryan says. "Yeah, it's good to be back!" Ethan says. "So is that the place you guys lived in before you came to Colorado?" you ask. The guys nod. "I've been here before," Anthony says, "It's pretty sick, You'll love it!" You smile. You guys walk twords the house. Chris reaches into his pocket and pulls out a key. "It's a miracle I didn't lose this." he says and unlocks the door. All of you walk in. "WOAH!" you and Allissa say at the same time. The house looked AMAZING! All the furnature was perfectly coordinated and the decorations gave it a nice atmosphere. The windows were huge and had a wonderful view of the beach, sunlight seemed to just pour in through them.
  4. "So I take it you girls like it?" Nick asks you and Allissa. "Hell yeah! This place is freakin' awesome!" Allissa says. You laugh. "I second that." you say. "And the good thing about this place is that it's roomy while there are no hallways to get lost in. It took me a while to find my way around the mansion when we first moved in." Ethan says. "Yeah, that's definately a plus." you say. Your hands are starting to get sore because you've been carrying your suitcase for quite a while. Bryan seems to notice. "Let's go upstairs." he suggests. You all follow Bryan upstairs. There are a bunch of different doors. "Most of these are bedrooms." he says. "There's one spare room, but you can bunk with me if you want." he sends a flirty smile and wink in your direction. Chris, Ethan, and Nick roll thier eyes. You smile and blush a bit. "I'm good, thanks. I think I'll take the spare room." you say. "Well ok then. Suit yourself." Bryan says with a hint of dissapointment in his voice.
  5. You walk in the spare room. It has sky blue walls, a wooden floor, a queen sized bed, a dresser, and a window with a nice veiw of the city in the distance. Simple, yet pretty. You set your suitcase down by the bed and walk out. "I know it's not like your room back at the mansion, but I hope you like it." Chris says. "I do, it's nice." you say. "Oh good." Chris says, "But don't worry, you won't spend a ton of time in there. Now that we're in California, there's lots of fun stuff we can do. It's like being on vacation." You smile. "Awesome! Can't wait!" you say. "But what about Allissa? Where will she sleep?" you ask. Anthony smiles. "Don't worry, ____. I've got that covered. He winks at Allissa. She laughs and kisses him on the lips. Ethan pretends to shove his finger down his throat. "Well, I'd tell you two to get a room, but it looks like you already did. Now the next step is actually using it, ok?" he says. Everyone laughs. "Aw, shut up Ethan." Allissa says plafully punching his arm. You accidentally hear Allissa's thought. "Like you've never thought about doing that to ____." You try to hide the fact that you're blushing.
  6. "Well, what do yall wanna do first?" Allissa asks. It's amazing, because a second later all of you say AT THE EXACT SAME TIME "Eat." "Woah, that was cool! We couldn't have done that again if we tried!" you say. All of you were pretty hungry because you haven't eaten since dinner yesterday. "Well, it looks like we all have a psychic connection or something." Ethan says. "Anyway, there's food in the cooler downstairs. We can get more tomorrow." All of you rush downstairs. There's a dining room, but dining rooms are so over-rated. You found yourself with everyone else eating in front of the huge flatscreen. What do you watch?
  7. After you guys are done stuffing yourselves, you can't help but veg out on the tv for a few hours. You know, it's kind of like having a food coma, but it makes you watch tv instead of sleep. There's nothing wrong with being lazy though.
  8. It was about noon when Nick spoke up. "Guys...why are we watching tv when there's so much other fun stuff to do?" he says. Ethan stood up. "Yeah. You're right. We should get off our lazy butts." Ethan says. Bryan switches off the tv. "Wanna hang out on the beach? It looks nice outside." he asks. "Yeah. That sounds like fun." you say. Everyone agrees. You glance out the window, Bryan is right! The sky is the perfect shade of bright blue and the only clouds there are pure white and they look like cotton.
  9. You go upstairs and change into your bathing suit. You grab your favorite sunglasses and head back downstairs. Apperently, everyone can change into a bathing suit faster than you. First you see Allissa and Anthony y'know, just looking cute together... then you see the guys and HOLY FREAKING WOW!!!! You try to keep your eyes from popping out of your head. Four smoking hot shirtless guys in the same place!
  10. You've already seen Chris shirtless, and he looks stunning as usual. He has pale flawless skin, lean muscles, and six-pack abs. Bryan's skin is tan and flawless, he has the same height and build as Chris, he has a six-pack and his muscles are lean and maybe just a teeny bit bigger than Chris' but it's not noticable at all. Ethan isn't as pale as Chris, but he's not as tan as Bryan. He has a six-pack and perfect looking muscles about the same size as Chris'. Nick was more tan than Ethan, but not quite as tan as Bryan. He's the most muscular of all of them, it's only a small difference though, Nick isn't freakishly muscular, he's perfect. Like all the other guys, he has a six-pack. Oh, and did I mention all of them had the same reaction twords you? Yup, they're all totally checking you out. ;)
  11. "Wow, ____! You look kinda like... hot!" Ethan says. You blush. Chris nudges Ethan with his elbow. "Don't deny it, Chris. We were all thinking the same thing." Bryan says. "Okay... I admit it." Chris says. "Well, you really do look good." Nick says. You smile. "Oh, stawp it you guys." you say, feeling your cheeks burn. "You all don't look too bad yourselves." you think. "Why thank you." you hear Bryan's voice say in your head. "You're welcome. Now get out of my thoughts." you think. "Oh, right. Sorry." Bryan's voice says.
  12. You all walk out of the house and head twords the beach. It's a bit more crowded now, but there's still a lot of room. Bryan and Nick go surfing (yes, they can surf.) Anthony, Ethan, and Chris join a game of volley ball with a few random people. (Ha. They seem to make friends fast.) They ask if you want to join but you just say "Maybe later." You and Allissa find a nice spot in the sun. "I need to work on my tan, I'm almost as pale as Ethan in his ghost form." Allissa says. You laugh. "But Ethan is translucent in his ghost form." you say. "Exactly." Allissa replies. You both put on your sunglasses and lay down on your towels. You close your eyes and just soak up the sun. You let your mind wander and you're totally relaxed.
  13. About half an hour later, you feel youself being drenched with freezing cold water. The same thing happened to Allissa. You and Allissa scream and sit up right away. You open your eyes and see...
  14. CLIFFHANGER!!!!!!!! I thought this would be a good place to put it. So, who do you like?

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