Paranormal Love (part 20)

Hey guys, welcome to part 20 of my Paranormal Love series! I'd like to thank my awesome readers for their nice comments. Thanks guys, it means a lot to me. :)

Recap: you and Ethan got to know Heidi better and you've established a friendship. Or at least I think that what happened the last time, I really can't remember. So if you need to, just take part 19 again.

Created by: Firey_Soul
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  1. Your phone wakes you up at about 11 in the morning, it's a text from Heidi. (Yes, you gave her your phone number yesterday.) The text says: "wanna come shopping with me instead of going to the beach again? There are some really cool stores here." You write back: "Okay, is it cool if I bring a friend?" You figure it would probably be more fun with Allissa anyway. You put your phone down on the nightstand and stare at the ceiling waiting for Heidi to reply. About 30 seconds later, your phone buzzes with a new text, it says: "Sure, that's fine. Meet me near the beach in an hour?" You write back: "K, see you later." You get out of bed, take a shower, brush your teeth, fix your hair, and get dressed in whatever you want. Then you go to look for Allissa.
  2. You guess that the first place she'd be is in Anthony's room, so that's where you go. You guessed right. Allissa was sitting next to Anthony at his desk and they were both in front of the computer laughing hysterically at some video. "Um... what are you guys watching?" you ask. Knowing both of them have extremely twisted senses of humor, you're almost afraid to look at the computer screen. "It's Tosh.0 online," Allissa says between giggles. "Oh," you say. "Do I want to know what episode?" "Probably not." Anthony says grinning. Then the video ends. "Whew, thank God that's over, I almost died laughing!" Allissa says. "Yeah..." Anthony replies. "Wanna watch another one?" Before Allissa can respond, you say "Well, actually I need to borrow her. I told Heidi she'd come shopping with us, so she's going." You say grabbing Allissa's arm. "Shopping? But I hate shopping... it's so boring, all you do is look around and stuff." Allissa complains. "Wait a second, who's Heidi?" she asks. "I met her on the beach yesterday, she seems nice." you say. "Well I don't care. I still don't wanna go." Allissa says. "Yes you do. You just don't know it yet." you say. "What ev, I do not!" Allissa says. "Allissa, we can do this the easy way or the hard way, it's your choice." you say. Allissa doesn't move. "So that's how it's going to be." You attempt to drag her, but she just falls limply on the floor and doesn't cooperate at all. You look up at Anthony who looks quite amused. "Uh, a little help here." Anthony laughs. You grab both of Allissa's arms and he grabs both of Allissa's legs. "Wait! What are you doing?! I thought you were on my side! Help! HELP!!!" Allissa shouts as you both carry her out of Anthony's room. Allissa tries to escape, but you both don't let her. You drag her downstairs (which isn't exactly easy, but you manage.) Nick is sitting on a stool in the kitchen reading a book, he looks up and sees you guys. "Nick! Help!" Allissa says trying not to laugh. "No, help us. We're trying to make her go shopping." "Uh... I'd rather not get in the middle of this." Nick says. You can imagine Allissa's arms and legs were starting to hurt now, you were right. "Okay...I'll go. Just let me down. You're. Killing. Me." Allissa says.
  3. You and Anthony let go of Allissa. "I hate you guys." she says sticking her tounge out at you and Anthony. "Love you too, Allissa." Anthony says. All of you laugh. "Ohmygosh, what's that?!" Allissa says pointing. Everyone turns around to see what she was pointing at, but then she takes off running. "Oh no you don't!" Anthony says and chases her. They run out of the kitchen. Pretty soon after you hear a small crash, a scream, and some laughing. Anthony comes back in the kitchen carrying Allissa over his shoulder like a sack of potatoes. "Got her." he says grinning.
  4. "Seriously, Anthony. Since when are you on ____'s side? I thought you loved me." Allissa says pretending to be all sad and dramatic. "I do. What, I can't help out a friend every once in a while?" Anthony says. "Uh, no." Allissa jokes. "Whatever you say, Allissa." Anthony says. "Can you at least put me down now?" Allissa asks. Anthony takes Allissa off his shoulders. You half expect her to run away again, but this time she doesn't. "Alright. I'm tired of protesting. Well, I guess I'm going to meet this Heidi chick." Allissa says. You smile. "Good girl." you say. "I am not your dog." Allissa replies. She grabs her purple phone off the counter and puts it in her pocket. "We'll be back whenever." you say as you and Allissa head out the door. "Okay, see you guys whenever." Anthony says. "What he means is 'be back in about two hours or you two are in big trouble, young ladies!'" Nick says trying to act like an over protective parent. "Yes, sir." you reply with a smile.
  5. You and Allissa walk out of the beachouse. "Heidi said she'd be near the beach. Yeah, that's real specific." you say. You and Allissa walk for a few more minutes, then you spot Heidi. "That's her." you say pointing. You wave at Heidi, she waves back and walks twords you and Allissa. "Hi, ____." Heidi says. "Hey Heidi." you reply. "Heidi, this is my best friend Allissa." "Oh cool, hey Allissa, nice to meet you." Heidi says. "Uh, hey." Allissa says. Allissa has always been kind of shy around people she doesn't know. "So where are we going?" you ask. "Wherever you want." Heidi says. "Okay. Allissa and I like [insert name of your favorite store here]." Heidi smiles. "I like that place too, luckily there is one here." All of you walk to that store and talk about random stuff. You look around the store for a while but then get bored and go to another one, and another one, and another one. It's fun to just walk around the cool looking city, talk about random stuff, and make fun of all that weird looking clothing that's supposed to be "in style". You, Allissa, and Heidi end up in this shoe store looking for all the most outrageous heels to try on. You and Heidi are talking when you see Allissa walk out from behind a shelf with these huge lady gaga looking shoes on. They were white chunky platform shoes with at least a 9 inch heel. You and Heidi burst out lauging. "Holy crap, I gotta give lady gaga credit, how on earth does she walk in these things???" Allissa exclaimed. "I'm amazed that you managed to stand up! I couldn't have done that!" Heidi says. "Okay, I gotta take these off now. Owtch!" Allissa says. She takes off the shoes. "Let's go somewhere else." you suggest.
  6. You, Allissa, and Heidi decide to go into a store you've never been in before, it has a TON of awesome stuff! It's a hard choice, but you end up buying...
  7. After a fun day of shopping, you and Allissa return to the beachouse. "We're back." Allissa announced to no one in perticular. "I'm gonna go put my new stuff in my room, okay?" you say. "Okay." Allissa replies. You go up to your room and put your stuff away. You decide to listen to your i-pod and chillax for a while. You space out while listening to one of your favorite songs. A few songs later, you hear a knock on your door. "Come in." you say. Bryan opens your door. "Hey ____, how's you?" Bryan asks with a flirty smile. You pause your i-pod and take your earbuds out. "I'm good. You?" you say. "Now that I'm with you, I'm great!" Bryan says. You smile and he walks over and sits on your bed. "I haven't seen you all day. What were you up to?" "I went shopping with Allissa and Heidi." you say. "Heidi? Who's that?" Bryan asks. "Well, remember two days ago when we went surfing?" you ask. Bryan nods. "Did you notice that girl checking you out?" "____, you're going to have to be a little more specific, there were LOTS of girls checking me out." Bryan says. "Rrrriigghtt." you say. "Well anyway, she had brown hair and blue eyes." "Oh, yeah. I remember her, I pretended not to notice though." Bryan says. "Well that's Heidi." you reply. "So I'm guessing the she spent the whole day talking about my hotness?" Bryan jokes. You decide to play along. "But of course, who wouldn't?" you say. Bryan smirks. "I sense a hint of sarcasm in your voice. However, deep inside you actually mean it." Bryan winks. You blush a little. "Hm, in a way. You are pretty cute." you say. "Why thank you." Bryan says in a flirty tone. "That actually was supposed to stay in my personal thought bubble..." you confess. "But you're welcome." "I feel the same way about you." Bryan says. He changes the mood from playful to romantic when he gives you an intense stare with his brown puppy-dog eyes, it's almost impossible to look away. Bryan gets closer to you until your lips finally meet. Bryan pulls back after a few seconds. "Well _____, I should probably go." he says. He gives you a little hint to follow him, but you decide not to. You're not about to do every little thing Bryan tells you to do just because he's hot.
  8. ***TIME FORWARD*** It's about 3 in the morning, everyone in the beachouse is asleep including you.
  9. ***Heidi's P.O.V.*** I stared at my phone wondering if I should pick it up or not. If I made this call, it might end my vacation sooner than it needs to be, and I don't want to do that. But then again, if I didn't make this call, I might lose my job which I absolutely can't do either. I decided that my job is more important than anything, so I picked up my phone and slowly dialed Slate's number.
  10. ***Jace's P.O.V.*** I was mindlessly walking around inside my castle when my phone started ringing. I took it out of my pocket, "Agent Heidi is calling? I haven't heard from her in a while." I thought. Heidi was one of my favorite agents because she was smart and tough at the same time, not to mention she was like a freaking ninja, so yeah, it's pretty good to have her on your side. I was guessing she just wanted to talk, because she did go on vacation alone after all. "Hello?" i said. "Slate, it's Heidi." Heidi said in a rather serious tone. "I know it's you, Heidi. I have caller ID. So what's up?" I asked. "Slate, you'll never believe this..." Heidi said, her voice trailed off. "Never believe what?" I asked, wondering if I should be excited or worried. "I found ____." Heidi replied. I almost dropped my phone, my heart started racing. "Did I hear you correctly? You said you found ____?!" I exclaimed. "Yes. I did." Heidi repiled. "How ironic that they run away to the same spot I'm staying in." "Do you know where they're staying at?" I asked. "No, but I could easily find out. I put on this nice act and I've fooled _____ and Allissa completely. They have no idea I'm working for you." "Good. And be sure to keep it that way. Well, what about the guys?" I asked. "I've only met Ethan, I'm pretty sure he doesn't suspect anything considering I've never seen him or any of the other guys before... exactly how many guys are there again?" Heidi asked. "There are five guys." I replied. "Chris, Bryan, Ethan, Nick, and Anthony. Chris, Bryan, Ethan, and Nick are super protective of ____, so watch out. It's best that you keep being nice to her, 'cause if you're mean to her, that will piss the guys off. That will also piss me off. Got it?" I said. "Got it." Heidi replied. "So, what about Anthony? Doesn't he care about ____?" she asked. "Sure." I replied. "But they're just friends. He's really protective of Allissa though. You don't even wanna know what he did to Matt. Poor guy still has stitches in his neck. Well, anyway good job with the nice act, keep it up." I said.
  11. "Will do." Heidi said. "So what's our plan of attack?" "I will send some more of my agents to your location. I want you to keep being nice to everyone and I'll have the other agents do the same." I said. "And when the time is right, bring her back here." "But what about ____'s friends?" Heidi asked. "The other agents will fight them, lock them up, or do whatever it takes to keep them from following you. I'll deal with them later. I need ____ first." I said. "Okay, got it." Heidi said. "I'll keep in touch." I replied. "Okay, bye." Heidi said. We hung up and I immdeiately called my other highly trained agents. They should be where Heidi is in about 1 to 2 days. I couldn't wait, I missed _____ so much. She just needed to hear my side of the story, although I did have an intention of keeping her.
  12. ***TIME FORWARD*** It's 2 days later, and it's 4:30 in the morning.
  13. CLIFFHANGER!!!!!!!!!! Who do you like?

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