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  • AHA!!!!I KNEW IT!!!HEIDI IS WORKING FOR SLATE!It was actually obvious when she had been looking at Bryan and I in surprise and shock.:P She can have Bryan though,I want Nick!!!!!!!

    Fuzzywolf7121 Feb 25 '14, 9:08PM
  • i never trusted hiedi one bit ! i knew she was evil !!!!

    jjjcutie Sep 1 '12, 2:22AM
  • why can't this be a book i have to lethally look every were for the next one they are never in the same place

    wolfgirl1920 Jun 25 '12, 7:39PM
  • Firey_Soul you should definatly make this into a book so I could read it over and over again instead of flipping through these!

    vampiresmymuse Apr 22 '12, 9:21PM
  • @ICONiac16: Nope, this is all from my imagination.

    Firey_Soul Apr 7 '12, 11:51AM
  • do u like copy diz quiz from a book or somethin cuz it looks like u did

    ICONiac16 Mar 22 '12, 6:37PM
  • Uh-oh!! If anyone tries to even Kay a hand on my friends and Bryan they are so gonna get it!! *changes into giant whit wolf like the ones from twilight* your going down Jace...... Or uh slate. I don't know what to call him! But still he's going down!! Grrrrrrrrr......

    truewolf14 Mar 3 '12, 8:12PM
  • nooo i'm torn!!! wahhhhh lol, chris, nick or Jace?? btw jace is such a hot name.... wah?

    hazelfangsbite Feb 20 '12, 4:05AM
  • Your quizzes rock and your story has an edge to it, luv it and can't wait to read pt21! You're an awesome writer ;D
    and you were totally right in saying Heidi was trustable, she'll bring me back to Jace! but what about Chris... Untill the next quiz! XD

    Xxdeath_angelxX Feb 19 '12, 7:44PM
  • Sadness! I thought Heidi was my friend. Oh well. Jace misses me! LOL I'm torn between him and Bryan. ;)

    Lucky_Rainbow Feb 19 '12, 5:25PM
  • I love all of it!!!

    And i also thought Heidi was my friend:(

    Shyana Feb 19 '12, 4:31PM
  • I love your series but i'm still confused on one thing. In the beginning of your series you lived with your aunt (i think it was your aunt) and now your living with 4 incredibly hot guys! Where does your aunt think you are and did the whole world besides the 4 incredibly hot guys just forget about you? Just wondering because i'm confused?

    CodySimpsonLuv Feb 19 '12, 3:31PM
  • i love this but seriously i need more of chris!!!

    Magyk607 Feb 19 '12, 2:38PM
  • When we dragged Alissa down the stairs, I laughed because I've done that to my friends before xD I can'tw ait for the next one!

    _ViolaLover_ Feb 19 '12, 2:06PM
  • AWESOMENESS!!!!!!!! !! ahahahaha, i loved the part where i dragged Allissa down the stairs. we are such crazy kids XD. and wait... what?!! Heidi is working for Slate?! NOOOOOOO D: she was my fffrrreeeiiiinnnndd d. We went shopping together! it was going to be a beautiful friendship :'( AND SHE'S A FREAKING NINJA!!!! XD

    Stardust Feb 19 '12, 1:54PM
  • DAM YOU! GO! you had to end it in the best part ever... I feel sorry for Allyssa, i mean if i was in normal high heels, one step and my face is splat of the floor, gosh i neither don't know how lady gaga can do it.SOME ONE SHOULD GIVE HER A MEDAL! Hey! Lady gaga is wise! gosh! ok whatever, let me get to the point: MAKE THE NEXT ONE QUICK! got that!? awwwwww i luv Jace now *blushes/smiles* ok ok well hopefully you get the poiny, im watching the new quiz list! ^_^

    PuffBall Feb 19 '12, 1:34PM
  • *gasp* I thought me and Heidi were friends we even talked about Lady Gaga together what kind of world do we live in where you can't trust a fellow Lady Gaga lover *shakes head disapprovingly*

    CodySimpsonLuv Feb 19 '12, 1:27PM

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