Paranormal Love (part 41)

Hey guys, welcome to part 41 of my Paranormal Love series. I should have been all happy while writing this part, but I wasn't really. It's just been one of those days where I'm kinda pissed off. It could be due to the fact that my mom won't shut the hell up about every flaw I have. (Pshhhh, like I can't already see them!!!) I hope this shows up on the new quizzes list. That way, I'll get comments faster. I love comments.

Recap: You and Heidi got into a fight and you end up killing her. You free everyone and Jace teleports you all back to the mansion. Jace makes up with everyone and they appear to be getting along better, because really, Heidi was the villain here. Not Jace.

Created by: Firey_Soul
  1. ***TIME FORWARD*** It's been a little less than a month since that incident with Heidi. As far as you know, she's still dead in that same place that she tried to kill you. Life has been pretty good lately. There haven't been many fights between Jace and the guys, and it seems everyone is getting along just fine. Jace has even been staying at the mansion a lot, only returning to his castle every once in a while. Jace's other agents have accepted his descision to give up on his mission. In fact, most of them were glad to finally stop working for him and take a vacation. This has been the best summer ever, nothing has even came close to it. Now summer was almost over, but the good news is that you don't have to go back to school! There's no need for it really. You don't have to get a job. You have a house with everything you could have ever hoped for.
  2. You wake up one morning feeling psyched. Why? Today was September 16th, that's Anthony's birthday. He was turning 18 and you guys had something fun planned. Swimming, cosmic bowling, and staying up all night were all on the list. Then 9 days later on the 25th, you all were going to celebrate Allissa's 18th birthday. You love partying, even if it's not your party.
  3. ***Allissa's P.O.V.*** It was about 9 in the morning. Ugh, Anthony is still sleeping? Well, not for long! I jumped on Anthony's bed and laughed as he looked a bit freaked out at first. "Hey, babe. So how does it feel to be 18?" I asked. Anthony rolled over on his back and stared at the ceiling. "Hmm, about the same as being 17. Maybe it's just too early." Anthony responded. "You excited?" I asked. "Again, it's too early for me to feel any emotion." Anthony said. I rolled my eyes. I know how to fix this. I tickled Anthony's sides and he laughed uncontrolably and spazzed out a little. "No! Stop that!" Anthony said between bursts of laugher. "Neverrr!" I said and gave him my best evil smile. Anthony grabbed my wrists. I tried to free myself, but Anthony was much stronger than me. "I win." Anthony said grinning. "Oh no you don't!" I replied. I quickly turned into a dark angel and got Anthony to let go of my wrists (my magical form gives me extra strength.) "No fair!" Anthony said. I turned back into a human. Anthony just grabbed my wrists again. He kissed me lightly. "I still win." he said, smiling. "Psh. I let you." I replied. I couldn't help but smile back.
  4. ***TIME FORWARD*** ***Your P.O.V.*** Anthony's party was great. Allissa's was really fun too, but you were really tired from staying up all night. Summer had turned into fall just a few days ago. It was cooling off a bit, but it still felt kinda like summer. It was 6 in the morning, still a bit dark. You truged up to your room and fell asleep almost instantly.
  5. ***Anthony's P.O.V.*** On the day after Allissa's birthday, I decided that I was finally going to do it... later though, I'm tired now. Sure, I was nervous, but when I looked down at Allissa lying on my chest; eyes closed and smiling slightly, it was all the reassurance I needed. I put the ring in my pocket. "I love you, Allissa." I whispered, kissing the top of her head.
  6. ***Your P.O.V.*** You sleep pretty much all day and wake up at 6 in the afternoon. You're kind of afraid of becoming nocturnal, but don't worry, you don't. About a few days later, in the afternoon, you're really bored. It's cloudy and cold outside and you don't feel like doing much of anything. You decide to go to Allissa's room to see if maybe she had anything fun planned for today. You walk out of your room and notice that her door was closed. You open the door and see that Allissa wasn't there... however someone else was. Judging by their broad shoulders and muscular arms, it was a guy. He had really dark brown hair and was wearing dark jeans with a black T-shirt. His most noticable feature was the soft, black wings coming out of his back. He was standing on Allissa's balcony, facing away from you.
  7. You hesitate for a few seconds to give the guy a chance to turn around. When he doesn't you say "Hey, who are you and what are you doing in Allissa's room?" The guy turns around. You feel like an idiot when you see that it's Anthony. He smiles a bit. "Hey, my name is Anthony. Remember me?" he says. You blush. "Oops, sorry Anthony. I just didn't recognize you with those wings. Say, where did you get them?" you ask. "From my girlfriend... well actually, she's not my 'girlfriend' anymore." Anthony says. Just then, you realize what's going on. "Ohmygosh, Anthony! You proposed to her?!?!?" you practically shout. Anthony grins and nods. "She said yes, didn't she?" you ask, grinning back. Anthony nods again. "Well why didn't you guys tell anyone?!?" you ask. "Well, actually..." "I gotta go find Allissa!" you say cutting off Anthony and dashing out of the room.
  8. You rush to the first place that comes to your mind, which is the living room. Allissa is there with all the guys. "Allissa!!!" you exclaim. Everyone looks at you. "Why didn't you tell me that Anthony asked you to marry him???" The guys all look surprised. Allissa turns back twords them "Well, that's what I wanted to tell you guys." Allissa says. "We were gonna wait a bit longer, but Anthony just got his wings. They're pretty freakin' awesome." You sit down next to Allissa. "Can I see the ring?" you ask. "Sure," Allissa says. She holds up her hand. The ring is silver with a heart shaped sapphire between two small diamonds. "Wow, that's really pretty." you say. "So have you gotten your vampire fangs yet?" Ethan asks. Allissa answers his question by turning into her magical form and smiling, revealing two sharp fangs. "Coool." Ethan says. "It feels kinda weird though." Allissa says. "Yeah, it takes some getting used to." Chris replies, smiling. "I wonder how Anthony feels with wings." Bryan says. Before Allissa can say anything back, Anthony comes down the stairs showing off his new wings. "Check me out, guys." He says grinning. You all laugh.
  9. ***TIME FORWARD*** It's night now, you're asleep. You begin having a dream...
  10. CLIFFHANGER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sorry this part was short and it kind of sucked. (to me anyway) I tried. And I just wanted to post this so I can read you guys' comments! :) So in case you didn't know, I've mostly figured out what I want to do with this story. Part 43 is likely to be the final chapter. I'll try to get part 42 this week. Who do you like?

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