Warrior Cats Love Story Part 5

Welcome to the exciting part 5 of my Warriors Love Story saga! Tensions are starting to bubble down, literally! But the aching feeling is soaking to your bones... once again... LITERALLY!

Hope you enjoy this part, sorry it's so short, and not as interactive as the others. My brain is lazy today, but I felt like it was a few days since I made a quiz, and I owe it to you guys

Created by: Sskittykat
  1. When we last left off Saplingbud {you} Was just pushed aside as she was trying to save her little brother, Russetkit, from a flood. Also, Ginkgotree admitted he loves you. Is this correct?
  2. Okay, let's begin!
  3. As the dark blue currents reach over your head, and the pressure of cat paws becomes unbearable, you toss off your attacker. You pay no attention to whoever it was afterwards, and immediately swim towards Russetkit. As the log he stands on begins to submerge itself in the currents, you grab his furry scruff, and pull yourselves to shore. As you reach the grass, Ginkgotree is there to aid you, but you feel so weak... you... you... you black out!
  4. As you are blacked out you start to dream.... but it's so confusing you can't even tell if it's a good or a bad dream. You dream about the currents pushing you in the water, but then bursting back up to save your brother, you dream about Ginkgotree's secret, and being comforted by Spidercloud and Shadewillow. You dream of play fighting with Tortoiselight, and studying with Glazemoon... and last of all you dream of your mother... y-your.. "MOTHER!" You yowl as you wake from your blacked out state. You are on the side of the river, which has gone down, and Glazemoon smiles. "Good, you're awake then," he grins. "Ginkgotree hauled you all the way over here, and brought Russetkit back to Rowankit," You breathe heavily. "An..and m-mother?" you stutter. Glazemoon shifts his paws a little. "Well, uhh, w-we haven't exactly FOUND h-her yet..." he stutters.
  5. As you get up to search some more, Glazemoon scolds you."You're too weak, you can't help anymore than I can," he sighed. "I suggest you stay behind and help me with the injured warriors, but if you really want to help you can also try to meet up with Ginkgotree, and nearly get yourself killed again!" He half meows for the first part, and then it evolves into full out shouting. You see the reason in his voice, and you decide to stay behind. As you wait for injured cats to come in, Ginkgotree visits to see how you're doing. Glazemoon looks enviously from a few fox lengths away, as Ginkgotree licks your ears. Glazemoon immediately comes up to Ginkgotree, and it's obvious he is holding back his anger. "Thank you, Ginkgotree! But Saplingbud is fine in my care! Why don't you go back to the search party!" he yells. Ginkgotree's fur bristles, but he goes back to the rest of the clan. You look warily at Glazemoon, and he smiles as he licks your ears instead.
  6. As the night draws to a close, and dawn bleeds up from the trees, there is still no sign of your mother. Maplesong, who had already been ill before the flood was found dead, trying to save Rowankit, and the elder, Porcupinetail. Glazemoon is heart broken by the loss of his mentor, but he's been named the new medicine cat. Rowankit and Russetkit are both safe, and are being cared for by Tortoiselight's mother, Mothdream. And Lilacstar had mysteriously vanished.
  7. As dawn peeks up almost all the BerryClan cats have come to seek out the remaining cats. It seems for once TreeClan and BerryClan are working nicely together, and it feels good. You can see Glazemoon looking smug from a distance, and Shadewillow pads up to you. "Some search party, huh?" he asks. "Umm... yeah," you reply. Torotoiselight is mooning over your little brothers and his mother. Ginkgotree is nowhere in sight, and neither is Spidercloud. And soon everyone gathers again to report any possible sightings. But when it seems all is going well you hear a familiar voice. "Nobody is searching anymore!" the voice sounds devious... it's the voice of... LILACSTAR!
  8. ...and CLIFFHANGER!
  9. Alright, so will you rate, comment, none, or both :]
  10. Sorry this part was so short! Anyway, bye, and stay tuned for the next episode in a few days!

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