Warrior Cats Love Story Sequel 7

Okay! Part 7 is out! The results will not me in the tom's POV anymore. Oh, and BTW, Muddytrail definately loves you. I asked him in Warrior Cats Live Story Sequel: Let's Interview!, so I know. Check it out if you want. I'm really, really sorry this was so short; it's a filler part.

I really should change the title of this to Warrior Cats Life Story Part [insert # here]. Hey, don't look at me like that! I won't! Really! Anyways, leave me now while I finish typing here . . .

Created by: Pathbreeze

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  1. Please read the OP. (opening paragraphs)
  2. "Honeydrop, Honeydrop, wake up! WAKE UP!" Glowpaw yowled in your ear. "/Okay/, Glowpaw, I'm coming to the you-know-what, but the whole Clan don't have to know about it! And you're not supposed to be here!" This had been your waking routine for the last couple morning. And your morning routine? It was more fun. You and Glowpaw went to Jaynight next. "Jaynight, JAYNIGHT, WAKE UP!" He grumbled something about young noisy cats (apparently forgetting he was a young noisy cat)and yowled, with you two, "TROUTWING, TROUTWING, WAKE UP!" you twitched your whiskers.
  3. "IS EVERONE READY FOR THE YOU-KNOW-WHAT?" Glowpaw asked, still yowling for no apparent reason. He just liked doing it, as did you. "I AM! TONE IT DOWN A BIT, WILL YOU?" you retorted. Jaynight glanced up at the sky. "IT'S NOT EVEN DAWN YET," you shouted. Troutwing smiled. "IT IS ONLY /JUST/ A WEEK SINCE WE STARTED GOING FOR THE YOU-KNOW-WHAT." You sighed and padded to Peachlight's den. "YOU-KNOW-WHAT MEETING!" you shouted and his den. Peachlight muttered something about StarClan's choices, and said, "THE PROPHECY CODE IS VERY IMPORTANT, SO BE QUIET A MOMENT, CAN YOU?" You blinked. Ever since the last prophecy meeting (yesterday), you'd been waiting to be at the next meeting. But this? A code? A whole new code that you had to live by, including the warrior code?
  4. "The Prophecy Code, sent by StarClan," Peachlight said. "One. Sacrifice yourself--your sanity, your heart, your life, and so on--for the good of the prophecy." You blinked. Sanity and heart . . . How was it possible to sacrifice sanity? "Two." Peachlight broke into her thoughts. "You must not befriend cats in StarClan that you do not know. Three. The main warrior code. Four. You must take full responsibility for your Clan's lives. Five. You are expected to do everything StarClan gives you. Six. You may not kill a single living creature, even by accident, unless it is prey. Seven. Do not trust the Curled Tail, the Kinked Eyes, x______x, or the. Snake Heart. Eight. Do not visit a sick cat, or else you will become sick. Nine. Do not use your spot as a prophecy cat to your advantage. And ten. You may not have a mate." Jaynight sucked in his breath at the last time.
  5. "Wow," Troutwing said faintly. The others said nothing. You decided to break the silence by telling them something you should've said a long time ago . . . A week ago, wasn't it? "Guys," you sad. They turned to face you. "Thornfang--you know, the StarClan-Dark Forest cat--showed me something . . . In the tunnels."
  6. "It was a gruesome scene," you said, ignoring the shocked faces as you mentioned the tunnels. Everyone knew their history about The Three Great Battles, but it was thought that the tunnels had collapsed. "Snakeheart slashed blood from his heart, Kiinkeyes from her eye, and Curltail got some fur from her tail. x______x mixed it up, and it turned into a . . . I think monster. You wouldn't want to look." Peahclight nodded slowly. "We will talk about this tomorrow," he said. "Go back up to your nests." It was dawn, anyways, so you left to hunt.
  7. Cliffhanger! How? Read the OP like I told you to earlier.
  8. Sorry that was so short . . .

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