The Forbidden part 12

Hey guys so so sorry this took so long! And it's kinda long like 20 questions but whatever hope you enjoy! I know I've been giving too much Dre, since that's what everyone seems to want, so I tried to mix it up a bit. ENJOY!

Recap: you just heard chaos coming from Daniel's room and you ran to find out what happened. OOOH! Lost of stuff in this very long part. You get to find out what the guys think of you YAY!

Created by: muzix4evrz123

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  1. You run downstairs and gasp. Erik, Dre, Brad and the pack are there. ANd so is.. LUKE!? You thought he was the good guard! He has Daniel pushed up against a shattered mirror, the broken glass being stabbed into his even paler skin. You're freaking out and wondering why the guys aren't doing anything. Daniel seems be having a lot of trouble breathing and all the guys look really panicked.
  2. "DO IT!" Luke yells, crushing Daniel against the shards. Daniel winces, trying to catch his breath. "Daniel!" you yell. You try to do something, but Erik holds you back, terror in his eyes. "FINE!If I can't have her. No one can!" Luke pulls out what looks like a red shard and stabs Daniel's wrist with it. Brad's eyes widen and Dre's mouth drops. "One down..three to go." Luke laughs and disappears. Daniel crumples to the ground, dark blood seeping out from under him.
  3. Erik releases you, shocked and unable to speak. Your run to Daniel and drop to your knees. You yell for Erik and Brad takes you and Daniel's hand. IN milliseconds, everyone is at a hospital. Except it's not a normal hospital. Because first of all, the doctor is flying..but you're too worried to think about that right now.
  4. The nurse straps Daniel down on the bed and starts wheeling him to a room. "Listen, you need to stay away from Daniel now do you understand?" Dre says worried. "No! Why would I, OW!" you cut your finger on the rusty hinges of the door. Brad's eyes widen and the next thing you know, Dre, Erik and Daniel are fighting. Daniel's fangs are out and he's trying...TO KILL YOU!?!?!?
  5. His eyes are pitch black and his body is developing black patterns and swirls all over. He lunges at you and pins you against the wall, making you hit your head. HARD. He's about to bite you, and you stare at him with fear. And then...
  6. Nothing. He just stares into your eyes and stops. "D-Daniel.." you stutter. You hear his voice, though he isn't talking. "Im sorry.." then you pass out. You see Erik in the tent, and you recognize it's the exact time you and Daniel were arguing about Jesse. It's almost like your in his head. You can hear his thoughts.*Erik* I wonder if she thinks about me... as much as I think about her. If I could just read her mind...just once... just to know how she felt about me..just to know if she loved me the way loved her. If she felt the same way..but with another. I guess I could just...NO!....I couldn't. It's wrong...she'd hate me.. I couldn't disrespect her like that. I guess I'll just have to be patient...Oh here she comes! Then, the vision fades.
  7. Now, it's Dre in an extremely messy home. And he's with the pack, laughing and having fun. Well, they are. Dre's just on the couch, staring into to nothing. "Cheer up D! She's happy now! COme one! Ian's gonna try to fit 20 meat balls in his mouth!" Jared says before running into another room. *Dre* They just don't understand...She was special.. She.. She was my best friend. Not to mention she was beautiful..and smart. And the best thing I ever had. And now she's gone. I guess it's better now. Now that I'm with the pack. It's gonna be really hard now that I'm back with the pack. To control myself..But I won''t give up. The vision ends.
  8. Then it was Daniel, n the forest after you got kidnapped by Ethan. *Daniel* Ugh...I'm such an idiot. She probably hates me. But I just know something isn't right about Jesse... I just know it... Whether she lkes me or not..I love her..I'm not gonna let her die."_______?" he whispers. And then the vision cuts to him saving you, then ends.
  9. Now it's Brad. He's in his hotel room, about the time Jesse was trying to kill you. *Brad* I haven't seen her in forever.. SHe won't remember me.. But I'd always remember her. She didn't know me as Brad. I didn't know her ________. She would remember me as Connor.. If she remembered, she'd think I'd remember her as Violet. She was beautiful, expected. Smart, no doubt. She was amazing. But she hardly knew me.. But i still loved her.. And I would until I stopped breathing.
  10. You're eyes flutter open and you see you're in a hospital room. You see Erik by your side and he gives a you a half smile, but he looks sad. You look around and see balloons, stuffed animals and cards all over, tied to the door and your bed. They all have stuff like get better and we miss you, and each one has a tag on it from who it's from. Each one is from either one of the guys or a member from the pack. It makes you smile as you sit up. "How long?" you ask Erik. "2 days..not much." he replies softly. You see your left hand is in a bandage. "What-" "The shard..some got into you. I'm so sorry.." he whispers the last sentence. He seems really upset, and you don't understand why. He looks down. "But I'm better now.. see?" you say..Then reality sink in.."OMG!. Daniel!" you jump up, but you feel dizzy and Erik has to steady you. "Just..take it slow. Room next yours" he breathes and releases you. SO you nod and try to move as quickly as you can without falling over. Finally, you reach the door, and swing it open.
  11. "DAN-" You feel an arm around your waist and one slide over your mouth. You start to panic, but you realize it's only Dre. "He's resting. You really shouldn't barge into room and start screaming all the time." he whispers before letting you go. You nod and gasp. All over, Daniel has cuts and bruises on his arms and body. He has a minor cut on his right cheek, near his eyes, and where the shard stabbed him, there's a deep, long gash. His eyes are shut tight, and he keeps tossing and turning, breathing heavily.
  12. You gently brush your fingers against his cheek. You sit down and stare at him breathing, threading your fingers through his. He's so pale, his skin freezing cold but you don't care. You feel a warm touch on your shoulder. "Let him rest. I'll tell you when he wakes up. You sigh, take one last hopeful look at Daniel, and then leave the room.
  13. Trying to think of something to cheer you up, you remember your vision and immediately think about Brad(or Connor). You ask Dre where Brad is. "He's outside, in the garden(yes the hospital has a garden)." Dre replies, flipping through a file. You nod and walk outside. You see the garden and your walking towards it when you hear voices. You hide behind the hedge and see....
  14. Brad! You're about to greet him when you see someone else. It's.. a GIRL!? She has long, platinum blonde hair with bright blue eyes, the usual pretty girl. She is slim and fair and she is ALL OVER Brad. You can't help but notice how revealing her outfit is. She has Brad pressed against the edge of the fountain, and you can't help but feel jealous. "Claire-" is all he gets out before she plants a kiss right on his lips.
  15. Three seconds passed before you stepped out from behind the hedge. "B-Brad?" you whisper. Claire stops kissing Brad and he pushes her away. "Oh.. is this your girlfriend?" she asks. Brad stares at you, but you look away. you shake your head. "N-No." you turn around and walk away. "________! Wait!" you can hear him calling you, but you just ignore him. You just walk further into the garden. "You don't understand!" he tried. "It's fine Brad! Just, next time, don't lead a girl on when you're taken." you sigh.
  16. "Just listen to me, please!" he begs, but you don't wan to hear it. "Forget it Connor!" the words slip out of your mouth before you could stop them. You hear him stop, shocked. You just roll your eyes and keep walking. You feel someone grab your hand tightly, flip you over and pin you to the ground. "Not until you listen to me." Brad says.
  17. He has a strong grip on you, so you just let him speak. "CLAIRE KISSED ME! I HATE her. She's disgusting, but she's obsessed with me." he starts. "I'm sure she is." you mutter. "You have to believe me! How can I prove that I don't like her? I..I-I like you." he whispers the last part. You don't know whether to trust him or not, but you see the sincerity and love in his eyes(corny much but whatever) I bit my lip, then nodded. "I believe you." you breathe. He's about to respond when there's a voice behind you guys.
  18. CLIFFHANGER! Part 13 soon! By the way the results for Erik or wrong SORRY!

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