The Forbidden part 2

Hey, this is my second addition to my series "The Forbidden"! Hope you guys love it! Please comment and all that! Recap: you just passed out with Daniel after something crashed through the ceiling.

I really hope you guys like this a lot of things will be coming soon and its really going to have a lot of twists and turns coming up soon so stay tuned! -muzix4evrz123 out!

Created by: muzix4evrz123
  1. You wake up in a new room. It is ocean blue and violet with a midnight blue floor. There is a huge circular bed. Marine colored stars were put to dangle on the glittery blue vinyl headboard, adding sparkle. A purple throw blanket on the silk sheets that hug the soft but firm mattress. Purple, green and blue pillows were packed neatly together on the bed, matching the rug on the floor. Turquoise curtains were pulled aside at the window, above the window seat, allowing as much light as possible in the dark of the day. A light purple sofa in one corner facing a flat screen TV. There is the walk in closet that was gigantic. Your dressing table is in there as well. The bathroom is to the right, complete with bath tub, jacuzzi, shower and mini fountain in the middle.
  2. You leave and go downstairs and examine the place. It's amazing and huge! You hear some shuffling behind the bookcase. You walk around and see Erik and Dre walking. Erik's eyes nearly pop out of his head and Dre nearly chokes on his shoulder. "________?" Erik exclaims
  3. Dre sniffs again, though his eyes are blazing. Then he pushes you against a wall, ignoring everything. You start to panic as you feel him sniff your neck. Then suddenly, you feel so calm and relaxed. You see Erik staring at you over Dre's shoulder. "Daniel." Dre mutters, steps away from you and disappears into one of the rooms. "Since your here, you should probably know that..." Erik is cut off by yelling and slamming of doors.
  4. Dre marches back into the room, slightly trembling and dragging Daniel in with him. They start arguing an yelling. You feel pretty tense and frightened right now since you have no idea what's going on. Erik takes your hand gingerly and pulls you into him. "Calm down." he whispers. Immediately, you are completely relaxed.
  5. Daniel stares in jealousy, but Dre is too pissed to notice. "QUIET!" You yell finally. They both shut up and look at you. Dre turns back to Daniel "She'll stay, fine. But if i kill her tonight by accident, it's on you." and with that Dre storms off angrily. Then he comes back and glares at you. "And i don't like you okay? This isn't one of those stupid things where i fall in love you okay? SO don't feel good just because they tell you how pretty and cool you are, alright?" he yells and leaves. You hear the front door open and slam shut.
  6. Daniel and Erik seem just as shocked as you are. You start crying because you're confused and hurt and a little angry. Erik tries to calm you down but it doesn't work so Daniel takes you into his arms and carries you back to your room.
  7. He gets you to calm down, finally. He sits down next to you and sighs. "I guess you wanna know what's going on huh." he says to you. You nod. "I'm a vampire. Dre's my twin brother, but he's a werewolf. Erik can heal, has the power of empathy, can read minds and telepathic." he starts. You gasp. "That's crazy!" you exclaim. "Fine, I'll prove it." he says.
  8. You feel his icy lips on your neck, his hair tickling your shoulders, his breath against your skin, his hands finding your waist. But you're paralyzed and can't move. Then, you can move again, so you know`he stopped biting, but he doesn't move his lips,. He moves his mouth up your neck, around your jaw line and then he presses his lips passionately against yours. His hands are on top yours and he's slowly pushing you down onto the sofa. You feel you've just met him, so you push him off. "Sorry, couldn't resist." he's says with that hot accent.
  9. "Though we are twins, Dre and I are complete opposites. Like, my body is freezing cold, his body is like touching fire. Erik met us along the way. You're here because we believe you can help us. You're adopted..I wish i could show you..but only Dre can and...he's kinda mad right now." he sighs.
  10. "Why?" you ask. He's about to answer when you hear yelling and glasses breaking. Daniel looks alarm when he hears Erik yelling. He jumps up and runs out your door.
  11. CLIFFHANGER! Sorry! Come back for part 3!

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