The Forbidden part 8

Hey!!!! This is part 8 of "The Forbidden" series created by moi! I really appreciate you guys following my quiz! Question: If I wrote a book, would you read it? Please comment and rate!

Recap: You were sneaking up on Daniel, trying to get a better look on what he was doing! Hey, a few of you have been asking for more time with Erik and Dre, so stay tuned for PART 9!! Again, I think my sis has been switching my results so sorry!

Created by: muzix4evrz123
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  1. "You know your lack of confidence in my senses of hearing is a little insulting." he growls. He turns to look at you. You freeze. "You lied to me." you say plainly. These guys really need to stop lying, you think. He looks away and you turn away from him. "Then, do you want to start over?" his breath tickles your neck. You nearly jump. He moves so fast. He's right behind you. You don't dare turn around.
  2. You try and remember what the book said, but it's distracting with him so close. You remember age (twilight again, i know!) "How old are you?" you ask, staring at a branch sprinkled with snow. He exhales, his breath cool. "17.." he murmurs. "How long have you been 17" you try again, his cold, hard hands brushing against your back. "Uh..A long time." he replies hesitantly.
  3. "Look, I'm sorry.. I guess I overreacted. Jesse can be...forward. I just wanted you to be okay." he whispers. You can't resist that accent. It's just so cute! You blush. He is lips are inches away.
  4. IF YOU DO NOT LIKE DANIEL, SKIP THIS!!! "Daniel I-" he cuts you off. He kisses you gently, then starts to kiss you passionately and fiercely. His hands wonder from the curve of your elbow, down your arm, down to your waist. He takes your hands and wraps it around his neck,then knots his hand in your hair. He tilts your head higher up so he can kiss your neck and the base of your throat. "Daniel..I-I..don't know....know if.." you're trying to get some words out, but it's almost impossible to concentrate. you have one hand across his back, the other in his hair as he kisses your neck sensually. He lifts his mouth back to yours, his tongue tracing the outline of your lips. "D-Daniel.." you mumble. "He pulls away and looks at you with hypnotizing golden eyes. "I just really missed you." he breathes. "I missed you too." you smile and hug him.
  5. You guys walk back to the tent together talking and joking around, just like best friends. Yous see Ali and Jordan talking. Her face lights up when she sees you. "___________!" she smiles. "Shall we go for a walk?" and so you're back outside in the cold.
  6. You guys are talking and she tells you she has powers as well. "Am i the only mortal!?" you exclaim. She laughs. Then she looks like she's thinking. "What's wrong?" you ask her. "Just thinking. I see the way those boys watch protective and longingly..I can tell they're all very intense when it comes to you..maybe BECAUSE you're a mortal. They know you can get hurt easier." she explains. You never really thought about that..
  7. You're both silent for a while. "This is really a lot for you, isn't it?" she asks you. She nods. "Isn't it on you?" you says. She nods. "At least you got powers." you smile. She touches the snow and it immediately melts. Then, she twirls the water around in the air with her finger. She splashes you and you laugh. "Cool power." you compliment her. She laughs. "Who do you like the most?" she asks you, still concentrating.
  8. "Tell me about this..Dre. He seems so..I don't know..tense around you. Like he's afraid he'll hurt you or something. He's always watching your back. Even more than the others." she notes. "Ali, You're too observant!" you exclaim. She laughs. "Well?" she asks you once again. "He just really cares I guess.." you reply quietly. "'s more than that." she says.
  9. "All of them, actually. I've been watching you too,____________. How close you've become with them. How they move with you, so close to you. One of them always holding your hand, just to make sure you're with them? How they change their positions to suit you. How you walk like them..You're changing." she says seriously. "No..It's Noth..Nothing..Is that bad though?" you ask curiously, pondering over what she's said.
  10. "No..I just didn't expect it to happen so took me a few weeks to accept the fact that i was...special." she admits. "How come you never told me?" you ask her. "I wasn't sure about you yet!" she replies. "How's it going with Jordan? Did he know?" "Nope..I felt guilty lying to him. It's better now."
  11. Then, you see Erik coming towards you. He seems a little startled. Then, Jesse and Daniel come out from behind two trees. Dre jumps down from a hidden branch and says "____________. We need to talk"
  12. CLIFFHANGER! PART 9!! Who do you love?

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