The Forbidden part 9

Hey guys I'M SO SORRY IT TOOK SO LONG SOOOOOOOO SORRY!!! My internet was down!!! Forgive me guys! Anyway, this is part 9 of "The Forbidden" quiz series! Uh, this is one of my longest quizzes yet! It was supposed to be for part 10, to celebrate but I couldn;t wait!

Recap: The guys just said they had to talk to you. This is one of the most revealing quizzes EVER! I hope you love it! Once again, i really want to apologize for being SO late. Enjoy!

Created by: muzix4evrz123
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  1. "Guys, I can handle it." Erik says to them. They look around, watching Erik and you closely. SO that's what Ali was talking about. Everyone walks off but you and Erik. "Look, though you are...normal. We want to make sure you're able to defend yourself. So, we'll start training you. To fight and stuff." he explains. You nod. "SO, you wanna start now?" he asks. You nod enthusiastically.
  2. He shows you a bunch of moves and stances and a lot of stuff. "Okay, come at me." he says. "What?" you ask. "Try and hit me." he repeats. You keep trying to get him, but he's too fast. It's like he knows exactly what your next move is. Then, he disappears. You're about to go look for him in the trees. "Don't bother." you hear him say behind you. You jump. "I can read minds, remember?" he tells you. Oh yeah. "But you did pretty good today." he compliments. You smile.
  3. "I could have beaten you, you know." you say. "Oh really?" he laughs. Then, you guys start messing around and trying to tackle each other and stuff. "Alright! I give up!" he gives in when you finally pin him down. You're surprised that you aren't as cold as before. He smiles that smile you'd come to know and kisses you gently. "Wow, haven't done that in a while." he says. you nod and roll over onto the snow.
  4. "Okay, craziest thing you've ever done?" Erik asks you. You're sitting in the snow with Erik and for some unknown reason, you're telling each other your secrets, which is hilarious. "Trust a bunch of a guys I just met with super powers." you say and he laughs. Then, Jesse comes up to you guys.
  5. Erik's face darkens and he shakes his head. "Jesse, maybe you shouldn't..." Erik starts. You guess he read Jesse's mind and he didn't like what he heard. "Why not? She should know. It's her life Erik. And it''s fading fast." Jesse smirks. Erik takes your hand and pulls you up. "You don't have to listen to him. Let's go." he mutters. "Jesse, they just made up. Don't ruin it." Erik called over his shoulder. But then Jesse yelled out something that made me stop dead in my tracks. "Alright but just know that DANIEL NEVER LOVED YOU!"
  6. Erik exhales and suddenly, Daniel is there, eyes brown. You look at Jesse, then Daniel, then back to Jesse, speechless. "He likes you, because you remind him of his old girlfriend. He never liked you for you, __________." Jesse says. "You're a real Jerk Jesse you know that?" Erik says, his grip tightening around your waist. "You know that's not true." Daniel manages to choke out. "Yes it is and you know it" Jesse is but Daniel hurling him against a tree, choking him. His eyes are now pitch black. "That is not true." he repeats angrily. Erik releases you an pulls Daniel off Jesse. "And ________-" before he can finish, Erik pulls his hands behind his back in such a way that the slightest movement could break them. "You better watch what you say about her alright." he hisses. Jesse just rolls his eyes as Erik drops him to the ground. Daniel runs to you.
  7. "Wh-What is he talking abou-" You start to ask Daniel. "Nothing. I love you. He's lying. My old girlfriend and I are done. I have no feelings for her. I have feelings for you." He whispers to you softly. You're both standing there for a moment. You look up at him. "It's late, you should get back to the tent." he whispers. You look around, it's really dark. How could you have missed that? You walk back to the tent and meet up with Dre.
  8. He's sitting on his sleeping bag, gazing at you. A strong, frosty wind begins to blow, and despite the fire, you can't help but shiver. It's continuous, and the temperature drops in the tent."How was training?" he asks, his eyes staring at you intensely. "Good...What's wrong?" he asks you as you walk towards him, his eyes not leaving yours for a moment. Another wind. It's even colder. Sadly, Daniel, Erik and Jesse aren't here with their jackets and Dre doesn't have/need one.
  9. You crawl into your sleeping bag as Daniel enters the tent. *flash forward* it's an hour into the night and you feel like you're going to die! It's FREEZING !!!!!!!! Finally, unable to take it any longer, you get up. Daniel is the first to hear you. "________, what's wrong?" he looks extremely concerned. "Wh-what's wrong? Are y-you telling me I-Im the o-only one here fr-freez-zing!" you manage to say. You're breathing hard, and every breath exhausts you. "Oh, my god, I'm so sorry. Dre.." he starts to nudge Dre, but Dre shoots up, reminding you of a dog's reaction when their sleep is interrupted by a noise or something. "Yeah? Wha..oh." he throws off the blanket and Daniel motions for you to go, though his eyes are filled with jealousy. "A-Are you s-serious?" you mutter a little uncomfortable. Another wind blows and you crawl quickly next to Dre he puts his arm around you and pulls back the blanket around your body, pulling you closer to him. Daniel sits up, turning on a lantern and staring as this is happening.
  10. You're panting slows as his warmth embraces you. You feel his lips gently kiss your forehead, his lips hot against your skin. *flash forward* 20 minutes has passed and they think you're sleeping. Dre's arms wrap around you. "I think she's warm now. Maybe she should go back to be now." Daniel says, sounding annoyed. There's a silence and you guess it's Dre glaring at Daniel. "She wouldn't have been so cold if one of us would have changed her like I said." Dre sighs. "Don't come with that, you know it's to dangerous." Daniel shoots back. They start scream whispering to each other. To stop it, you let out a soft groan. They both shut up immediately. "Maybe..Maybe we should stop. For her sake." you hear Daniel say and feel his hand take yours. "Stop what?" Dre mumbles, clearly distracted by his lips on your hair which is making it extremely difficult to concentrate on what they're saying. "The fighting. She doesn't like it." Daniel says. They're silent for a moment. "I'm up for it if you are." Dre says after a while. "Okay..." Daniel agrees. "Have you told her..about-" Daniel starts but Dre stops him short. "I don't wanna talk about that."
  11. The next morning, you wake up in your old room. "Morning sunshine!" Erik says cheerfully, kissing you happily. You look around confused. "We're..we're back?" you ask. He nods. You jump up and hug him. No more freezing nights! "But, how?" you ask. "Ethan thinks we're never coming back here, so he left. Jesse and I came to clean the place up last night, before Daniel and Dre brought you home." he explains. "Come get some breakfast." he says before leaving. You get dressed and go downstairs to find Dre. SOmething's wrong. You can tell by that look in his eyes as he stares at you. It seems less angry, but more sad, yet he forces a smile when you greet him.
  12. "Hey Dre. Is something wr-" before you can finish, he kisses you passionately. It's one of those long, deep, steamy kisses. He pulls away, and you watch him suspiciously. "What was that for?" you ask him He kisses you again, but this time, it's more gentle and sweet. "Let's hang out today." he says, pulling you close to him. "O-Okay." you agree, dazed. He lets you go and you walk into the kitchen.
  13. After breakfast, You and Dre decide to go somewhere. "Where are we going?" you ask him. He stares at you, smiling. "Hey! Look out for that.." you're about to scream, your heart racing, but he dodges it easily. "Pole." you finish. He gazes at you with interest as you calm down. He pulls up and you see it's the beach. Awesome! "Wait, I don't have a swim suit." you tell him. "Eh, there's a shop over there. I'll buy you one." he says, not taking his eyes off you for a moment. You smile and you both get out. You walk to the store and pick out a bikini. It's a bit expensive. You're about to put it back when Dre stops you. "This one?" he asks. You pull it back out and he goes to pay for it. You go and change into it. When you come back out, his eyes widen. "" you hear him mutter. You blush and he takes your hand.
  14. You start feeling playful, so you start running. He laughs and taking advantage of his speed, he wraps his arm around you from behind. He pulls you down in the water and you guys make out for a while. He buys you a snow cone and then you guy go for a walk. Before you leave, you take a quick picture.
  15. On the way home, you can feel him staring at you. "You know, not watching the road while driving isn't blending in very well." you joke. "Sorry." he laughs, then he frowns. "What's wrong?" you ask. "Uh..We're going to Paris!" he tries to say, but he's lacking enthusiasm. "OH MY GOSH REALLY!" You exclaim. "We could go to the Eiffel Tower!" you say. "" he mumbles. "Oh, okay. Well er could go to that cool museum or even-" he cuts you off. "No, ________. We..I'm not..I'm not going."
  16. CLIFFHANGER!! Part 10!

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