The Forbidden part 5

HEY HEY!! This is part 5 of "The Forbidden" I'm introducing a new guy now! This is a really interesting one but there's a lot to come so don't stop just because of what you find out in this quiz! Also the results are a little wrong they're supposed to be for something else so don't worry about the results for this quiz just come back for the next one!

Recap: you just got stabbed by Ethan and passed out. Obviously you didn't die since..well since you're reading this and taking part 5 so yeah enjoy!! I know some of you feel that you're not getting enough Erik and Daniel but you will so stay tuned!

Created by: muzix4evrz123
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  1. (READ PARAGRAPH ONE IN INTRO!) You finally wake up, but are too weak to open your eyes, so you just listen. You can feel burning hands running through your hair, so you know you're next to Dre. You hear a door open. "Dre, get something eat, please." you hear Erik say. "No.." Dre whispers. "You've been here for 3 days. She's breathing. She's bound to wake up anytime now. I healed her. She's okay." Erik tells him. Dre takes your hand in his and sighs.A cold breeze blows, making you shiver.
  2. Where am I, you wonder. Another wind. You can't help it, you let out a little whimper(whimper yeah lame but whatever) "________?" you hear Dre whisper. Your cover is blown. You open your eyes. You see Dre and Erik hanging over you. You're in some sort of tent. You start remember what happened and jump up getting up a little too quickly. "No wait,__________ stop. You'll hurt yourself." Erik calls. (Let's pretend what happened made you really freaked out and afraid of the guys).
  3. You run straight into a new guy entering the tent. He catches you and you don't know who it is but you find your self holding onto them pretty tight. He has light brown hair and steel gray eyes, wearing a navy blue top and jeans."Whoa, easy there." he whispers holding you up. You try to move away, but he holds onto you firmly but gently.
  4. You're trembling and the cold atmosphere isn't helping. "You're freezing." the guy notes. You nod. He stares at you a little longer than calls Dre. Dre takes you from the guy and holds you in his arms. He's really warm. "I'm Jesse." he introduces himself. You say hi.
  5. Dre strokes your hair softly. Jesse takes off his jacket and hands it to you. You take it and zip it up quickly. Between Dre's warmth and Jesse's jacket, you start to feel warmer. "Can i talk with her, for a moment?" Jesse asks. The guys nod and Dre releases you. You take Jesse's hand as he leads you outside. It's snowing!
  6. "S-So, how come you're here?" you ask him, rubbing your shoulders. He puts his arm around you. You look at him a little surprised. "For warmth." he smiles at you. You blush. "Anyway, I was supposed to be here from the start, but i was still on another mission. Each team has 4 members." he explains. You nod and look up at the snowflakes falling as you leave footprints into the pure snow.
  7. You look back at Jesse and see him staring at you. "What?" you ask playfully. "Huh? Oh nothing..n-nothing." he shakes his head. "So..I'm normal right? No powers or anything like that?" you ask. He shakes his head. "No you're a mortal. But you are extremely important."he explains. You guys are talking and you find out he's really sweet.
  8. "Why are we out here in the woods?" you ask, catching snowflakes. "Ethan and his idiot friends tried to invade our house the second day you were out. "Oh..wait. How long was I out?" you ask shocked. "Only about 4 days." he tells you. "What!?" you exclaim. He laughs. "Chill." he smiles, taking your hand. "I was there the whole time." he closes his fingers around yours. You blush and have to admit he has charm.
  9. Suddenly Daniel comes out of no where, his blue eyes now a dark brown. He's glaring at Daniel. "Can I talk to you __________ ?" he asks. You nod and both you and Jesse walk towards him. "Alone." he says through clenched teeth. "Uh..I'll be back." you tell Jesse before walking off with Daniel. You're about to take his hand, but his hands are clenched in fists. He seems pretty mad.
  10. "Daniel..what's going on?" you ask him, starting to feel uneasy. "What's going on? WHY ARE YOU WITH JESSE!?" he almost screams at you. "What does it matter!? He was just helping me. And why do you care!?" you yell back. "I care because he's Jesse! You don't know what he's capable of and I don't like that you're with him alone!" he spits. You're upset he's yelling at you and can feel tears forming. "So!? I'm not your girlfriend or anything! You act like you own me but you don't! ANd why are you yelling at me? I did nothing wrong!" you burst into tears and run off, leaving him there alone.
  11. CLIFFHANGER!Part 6!!!

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