The Forbidden part 4

Hey!! Part 4 of The Forbidden quiz is here! Get ready for some really interesting things here. Recap: You're getting ready to confront Dre about lying!

Hope you guys comment and rate because i really appreciate you guys! Thanks for taking! Dre-black hair icy blue eyes, werewolf Daniel- Dre's bro, blonde, blue eyes, vampire Erik-black hair, green eyes, multiple powers.

Created by: muzix4evrz123
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  1. "" you stammer staring. Dre opened the door and he's shirtless (and COMPLETELY RIPPED!). Even if you like one of the other guys, you have to admit that he's totally hot. "Yes?" he says staring at you expectantly. His eyes are blazing with pain but he doesn't show it. Finally, you compose yourself. "Y-Y lied to me! You said you didn't like me..but I-" he cut you off.
  2. He pulls you in the room and kisses you gently. You can't resist, so you kiss him back. He pushes you against the wall, closing the door, his lips becoming more urgent and passionate. He pushes his body closer to yours so you're forced to move your hands from his chest to his back. You can feel him panting, the heat rising in his body. You can hear him tearing the posters beside you, trying to satisfy his hunger for you. There's absolutely no space between you and him anymore.
  3. He keeps kissing you over and over again, taking breaths and trying to compose himself before kissing you again. He starts to kiss your neck but you feel he's gone too far. "Stop." you grunt. He pulls his lips away, both of you breathing hard. His lips are centimeters away from yours. You stare at him, stunned. "This was a bad idea..." he breathes. You shake your head. He laughs coldly.
  4. He releases you and you step away, running what just happened through your mind. You're a little dizzy and almost fall, but he catches you, which doesn't make sense since he was ALL THE WAY OVER THERE. "Speed...right." you remember. "Good night." he says softly, trying to control himself from kissing you again. You leave and go back to bed.
  5. The next day, you wake up with Erik at your side. "Morning sunshine" he smiles. You just LOVE that smile!"Look, we need to talk to you so get dressed and come downstairs." He says and gives a quick peck on the lips. After taking a shower, you go into your room and almost scream. It's Ethan! He jumps up and pushes you against the door, locking it. He forces your lips. open and invades your mouth. You try to fight him off, but between holding your towel up and being smushed against the door, you can't move. "Kiss me!" he demands, holding a knife. So you have no choice.
  6. Suddenly, Dre, Erik and Daniel jump through the open window of the room. "What the heck!?" Daniel yells. They don't see the knife and it's too late. Enraged, Ethan shoves the knife into your back. Everything seems to slow down. Both Dre's and Daniel's eyes turn crimson and they lunge at Ethan while Erik runs to you and puts his hands on your back.
  7. The last words you're able to mumble out before you pass out are.
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