The Girl Who Lived part 4

I do have a good reason that this is late. It's the day before Valentine's Day, so I wanted to wish you good luck with whatever before Valentine's Day even starts.

So, I don't have any plans for the holiday, but I figured some of the usual people who read my stuff might have plans. SO, since you (probably)have wished me luck and supported me in writing, I'm going to do the same. Good luck.

Created by: chopinssonata
  1. I woke to find myself lying in the couch with my hair a mess, and smeared make-up all over my face. If I were as ancient as a dinosaur and were musically inclined, I could be a member of the band Kiss. I got off the couch and entered the nearest bathroom to assess the damage. I still looked like a member of kiss. I washed off the make-up and began brushing my hair. That's when my I realized my hair had changed from my original straight jet black to orange hair in soft curls. My green eyes had transformed into a mischievous brown. I suppose I forgot to mention that I can change my look. I usually don't like to. It feels unnatural to change your appearance. I don't feel like myself that way. Whenever I feel as if my appearance is about to change, I try to stop it.
  2. Never have I once changed my appearance on purpose. Of course, there are times when I change because my feelings are too strong. I suppose I like feeling and looking like a Weasley. My new family. I took a quick glance over at everyone passed out and scattered around the living room. For whatever reason, the twins were sleeping on the table and Ron was sleeping facedown on the floor, hugging a bag of leftovers. I left my appearance the same, not minding if I appeared to be a Weasley since they accepted me either way. I finished getting ready, and shuffled towards the kitchen. 5:30 was what the clock read.
  3. Only another couple of hours until we leave for Hogwarts. I prepared a cup of tea to wake myself up. Coffee is much too bitter for my taste, it stains your teeth. After drinking herbal tea, I walked up the stairs to Ginny's room to collect my things. Which in my case is bunches of Ginny's old clothing that she either wouldn't wear or had grown out of. They seemed to fit me perfectly.
  4. After my long experience of living with the Malfoy's, I'm grateful I have more to wear than a simple white dress and a rather long smock. I also packed the letters I have received from my parents on my birthday. It may sound like a childish and immature thing to do but, I can't force myself to part with them yet. Maybe, all my life I've relied on the letters a little too much, simply because they're the only thing I have from my parents. I also packed soap, toothpaste and other stuff that helps you improve hygiene. Packing took me a few hours but once I was done, I headed downstairs.
  5. I've been counting down the hours until we leave for Hogwarts. I never knew I could be so nervous in my life. Besides the occasional parties the Malfoy's would throw for Draco's birthday, I haven't been very social with others. There was a wonderful aroma coming from the kitchen. Breakfast. Finally, one time where I don't have to cook. Although, I think I'm starting to miss it. Strange how you tend to notice or even miss the little things over the small ones. I headed downstairs with my stuff packed in a duffle bag. Everyone was dressed and sitting at the table eating breakfast.
  6. "Glad you came, I was just about to get you." Said Mrs.Weasley. She's so nice even though she has so many children. We sat eating, with that same loving warmth I had felt earlier.
  7. "Are you excited about Hogwarts? It is your first year as well as Ron's." Asked the twins.
  8. "Not really. It's not that big of a deal. I studied magic on my own, so I know the basics." They nodded and we finished our breakfast in a hurry, we were running late. The drive to the train station wasn't very long, but I think I needed more time in the car. I honestly don't think I'm prepared for this. While were looking for the platform nine and three quarters, we ran into a boy who was my age and Ron's. His hair was black just like my original color before it changed to a ginger. His eyes were a green similar to mine but his looked forest-green while mine were dull with brown flecks in it. On his forehead there was a lightening shaped scar almost invisible beneath his bangs.
  9. "Do you happen to know where platform nine and three quarters is?" Mrs.Weasley gestured for him to follow he did. I was picked up by the twins.
  10. We're here at nine and three quarters. I'll race you Fred." I was walking noticing I wasn't moving anywhere, I looked below, my feet were dangling in mid-air. I looked left and then right. Fred and George had picked me up and were going to put me in their cart of stuff. "Ready Fred?"
  11. "Ready George?" With those words the twins raced, pushing the cart toward a pillar.
  12. "It's bad enough you guys think I'm your property, but there's no way we're going to hit that pillar and still live! We're going to die! Are you bloody mad!" I couldn't stop screaming, there's no way it was possible to run into a pillar and not be injured in the end. To my surprise when we hit the pillar, there was a subtle breeze. Is this what it feels like to be dead, or am I still alive and simply over thinking things? I opened my eyes finding myself very alive. It appears that somehow we had been transported into a different part of the station. For there on a pillar was a sign saying we were at the platform nine and three quarters.

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