Which Gaither Animal are you?

Everybody loves the show and everybody wishes that they lived in Scranton and worked for a Paper Company. Now your dreams can become reality. With this quiz you can be a part of the action. It will tell you which character you resemble the most.

Sorry, this quiz is only for girls or I guess a guy could do it, but he'll end up a girl so he might think twice before taking the quiz. The results are very well described and the questions gear you specifically towards the character that you are most like

Created by: Mark
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  1. What do you dream about at night?
  2. Choose a Color.
  3. What car do you drive?
  4. What is your Super Power?
  5. What is your food of choice?
  6. Choose a Fast Food Restaraunt.
  7. Where do you shop for clothes?
  8. Where would you like to take a vacation?
  9. What movie do you love the most?
  10. Which Broadway Musical do you wish you could act in?
  11. If you could be in a band which one would you be in?
  12. If you could be President of one of these countries which one would you want to rule?
  13. If you had to jump off of something what would it be?
  14. If you had to be hit by a vehicle what would you want it to be?
  15. If you could teach a Subject in School what would you prefer?
  16. If you were an OtterPop Falvor what would you be?
  17. If you were a Pizza Topping what would you be?
  18. If you were a Disney Hero who would you be?
  19. If you were a Disney Princess who would you be?
  20. What is your Favorite Barbie Movie?

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Quiz topic: Which Gaither Animal am I?