The Girl Who Lived part 7

So, thanks to the wonderful xxblutixx, I was finally able to post what I was planning to post last week, so thank xxblutixx for helping me out of the issue I had.

Anyway, I hope you liked the chapter or part or whatever you'd like to call it. I really can't wait until I hit chapter 10. By the way, there will be a new character coming in year 4

Created by: chopinssonata
  1. I woke to find myself in the Hospital Wing where I had fainted simply because of the loss of blood. The twins were on either side of me both sitting on the metal stools , resting their heads at the end of the bed where my feet couldn't reach. Their arms and hands were covered in dried blood. Mine I suppose. I sat up and attempted to hoist myself out of bed. My black hair looks slightly red but that's probably because of the blood. I itched my scalp. An awful habit of mine I thought I had gotten rid of. When scratching my scalp, I noticed a few things. My hair had been sticking together, also what could be called mangy. My hair seemed shorter than it was when I had been admitted into the Hospital Wing. It wasn't down to my back anymore. My now oddly textured hair now looks like a pixie haircut but my bangs are luckily, still long enough to cover up my scar. While scratching my scalp I felt a long, inch wide thread zig-zag stich. My skin began to crawl feeling the frightening texture of stitched. I removed my blanket but had to take several minutes to complete one simple task. Purple bruises were clearly shown on my pale skin. Even a single movement of my arms or legs, would leave a sharp pang of pain that would last for what seems like forever. Leaning against a wall in the hospital wing, I changed out of a hospital gown and into my normal uniform. I ached all over but the pain within the pit of my stomach hurt more. I left a note with the twins thanking them for taking caring for me. I began to hobble through a hallway and down a single flight of stairs when a mob of students shuffled in. On the fourth stair from the top, I was still carefully making my way down the stairs when I was pushed forward and lost my remaining balance. I could feel the wind through my hair and every second my face was closer to the ground. There was fear in my eyes, I was shaking and the drop seemed like the impact would hurt more than it seemed. When I was and inch away from filthy floor, gravity had stopped pulling me down and I seemed to have had been floating. I looked up at my savior. A man with a black cloak covering the rest of his black clothes. His hair was jet-black, his stare was cold. Eyes were explessionless. Not even a flicker of emotion in those souless black eyes of his. His skin pale with only a hint of color. The presence made me shiver. For a minute we stared at one another, judging.
  2. "Wood! Come here." He called a student. This was the first time I ever heard his voice. Many people tell me not to judge a book by its cover because it is quite rude. In this case, I can because his voice sounded as bland and monotone as I had imagined. His stare was still intense when he turned to glance at the fifth year who was coming down the stairs in Gryffindoor robes. He was tall, striking light brown eyes and short lighter brown hair that matched his eyes. "Take Mrs. Weasley back to the Hospital Wing. I believe she lost her way." The adult instructed the boy known as "˜Wood' to take me back. He turned on his heel and left. That just left Oliver who turned to me.
  3. "Wandered away from the Hospital Wing. huh? I don't like it there, it smells like death and soap."
  4. "Thanks for boosting my self esteem." I answered grimly.
  5. "I didn't mean that you would die. It's just that......I've never liked hospitals........"
  6. "It's okay, I get what you mean."
  7. "I think we started off on the wrong foot. I'm Oliver Wood, a 5th year. "
  8. "Nice to meet you. I'm Scarlet Weasley." I held out my hand. We shook hands and I noticed he had a firm grip.
  9. "Were you on your way to the cafeteria? I'll take you there." I told him that I would appreciate it. My vision blurred slightly to the point where I couldn't detect shapes, only colors. My head felt dizzy and everything felt shaky. I suppose I didn't look the best at the time because he decided to bring me back to the Hospital Wing without my decision. "On second thought, how about we get you back to the Hospital Wing and I'll pick you up some lunch from the cafeteria and we'll eat in the courtyard. There's quid-ditch tryouts later. I'm the Gryffindoor captain again this year, you should come watch."
  10. "I might just do that."

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