The Girl Who Lived part 6

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Created by: chopinssonata
  1. The next day I received my schedule. First class was Dark Arts. Our names were magically engraved on the desks where we were to be seated. For the first few minutes the seat beside me was empty, I assumed I would be sitting alone when the vacant chair beside me was pulled back and someone sat in it. As the person sat down, I felt a chilling presence, it was no other than Draco Malfoy.
  2. "I hear you legally changed your last name to Weasley. I personally liked it when your last name was Malfoy."
  3. "Oh? Why is that? I didn't think you had much of a heart to even think about those things."
  4. "Pureblood."
  5. "I'm sorry, what?"
  6. "The last name Malfoy makes you sound like a pureblood. That's why. It fits you better."
  7. "You're not very bright, the Weasley's are purebloods, they just don't have much money. Plus, I wouldn't even want to be a pureblood if I was one."
  8. "You're kidding me, everyone wants to be a pureblood. By the way, I heard you've been hanging out with Potter. I've got a warning for you, stay away from mud bloods, they're nothing but trouble."
  9. "Purebloods are just like everyone else. In fact, you're no different from a mud blood like me." After I said this it just occurred to me that I still don't know the whereabouts of my parents, if they're alive or anything of the sort. But for now I've decided to put that aside. He honestly shouldn't treat people a certain way simply because of what his parents taught him. Sometimes I think Draco is just a misunderstood boy whose parents didn't teach him like most normal parents. Other times, I know for certain he is just a rotten boy. To be quite frank, his face can be irritating to look at. I'd never tell him that I thought this. He's always ordering people around and threatening to tell his father. That boy has got some serious issues. He gave me a look and we remained silent the rest of the class period. I walked out of class to find Hermoine waving me over toward her in the courtyard.
  10. "I have something that you need to know. We need to go somewhere more private. Follow me." We walked down the corridor, past Myrtle and into the girls bathroom. "What you need to know is-" Then she let out a scream of horror. There was a troll bigger than all of the students of Hogwarts combined. I pulled out my wand in a hurry but not fast enough before the back of its hand slapped me across the face. From the impact, I flew backwards. My head hit one of the stalls. That's when Ron and Harry rushed in. Ron stood in front of me as if he were a protective shield. It didn't fit his image but it was a sweet gesture. They fought off the troll and they contacted the twins. When the fighting was over, all the attention was on me. I felt this constant pain on my head. It hurt to move it. My arms, legs and sides felt as if they had been thrown against a wall. I had literally been thrown against a wall. Fred cradled my head and my upper back while George lifted up my feet. They picked me up and attempted to put me on the gurney. They reason I say attempt is because the first attempt didn't work out so well. The twins tried to swing me onto the gurney. Fred and George missed. My side hit the gurney and I rolled off onto the floor again. Back to phase one, but I felt worse this time. Not only have I been thrown up against a wall, but a gurney as well. It was the thought that counts. When I was picked up again by the twins again, I was a little worried. I was put on the gurney and wheeled away to the hospital wing. When we got there, I was laid on the first bed they could find. I looked back on the gurney which was now stained in blood. My blood. Fred and George stood on either side of me squeezing my hands. The color of their hands contrasted with my white pale ones. Their hands weren't normally that color. That's just the way the blood stained it. Their mischief hazel eyes were haunting. One moment they were standing, the next they were swishing side to side. My vision blurred. With that, I was out like a light.

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