Prison Break part 4

So I guess it's been quite a while. I missed one week of writing, but I figured that since I had 2 stories to work on, I could work on some kind of new schedule.

Maybe i could post one one week, and the other the next week. Or maybe wait two weeks and post then both on the same day. I really don't have as much free time to do these than I used to.

Created by: chopinssonata

  1. "Are you planning on going alone?" He asked.
  2. "Yes." I answered before drinking from the canteen as he bit into another piece of bread.
  3. "But I want to go too." He complained.
  4. "No way. I can't get anyone else caught in this." I dragged my friends into this and now I can't help some of them out. They're certainly not dead. They just live elsewhere. This just about all that I know.
  5. "Don't you think that your being unreasonable?"
  6. "I think it's perfectly reasonable."
  7. "But what about having each other's back? What if you get hurt?" His voice was slowly rising.
  8. "I know him. Everything will be fine."
  9. "If 'everything is fine' then why can't I go with?" Henry wasn't going to step down from this fight.
  10. "You don't know these people. What they're capable of."
  11. "Then tell me Andrea, what are they capable of?" He said with a huge amount of intensity in his voice. His eyes scanned my face. I knew what they were capable of. They could rip him to shreds or kill him in the most inhumane way possible. Through torture. We finished our meals. The question still hung in the air.
  12. continue? or discontinue?
  13. **WARNING READERS, PLEASE READ** So, the way this quiz is made, is that it's all percentages. The higher the score the more you like the story. If you want to get the CONTINUE option, then you have to vote yes for all of them. I apologise and will fix this problem next quiz.

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