Prison Break part 3

Part 3 is here. I hope you enjoy this part to the story. Well, I pretty much hope that you like all the parts but anyway, hope you enjoyed this one. :Op

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Created by: chopinssonata

  1. When I was little I knew nothing of the Supernatural. But as I got older, certain events triggered memories that had been hidden. I now remember my friends and why I jumped. But I'm not the same, I don't plan on running forever. Later that night, Henry and I had a feast, or what we considered one. Our dinner was a baguette and apples I had stolen earlier, half a sausage, a sliver of apple pie and water from our old canteen that we set outside when it rains.
  2. "Whose this friend of yours?" He said before biting into a piece of baguette and tearing it from the rest of the baguette.
  3. "What you could say as an old friend."
  4. "How do you know him?"
  5. "He and I used to be roommates." Prison roommates. Henry is purely human, he doesn't know of the Supernatural and he doesn't need to know. I remembered a specific roommate but I couldn't quite remember the other faces or names. All I remember right now is Hunter. There's still this huge gap in between. Each time I try to remember the faces, all of them are blank except for his.
  6. "Roommates? There weren't any other girls to room with?"
  7. " It wasn't that, his room was the only one that was practically empty. The others were full" I said waving my hand back and forth waving it off. We finished our dinner in silence and soon laid on the seats to sleep. I shut my eyelids as Henry asked a question, his voice slightly hushed.
  8. "What's this name of your friend? What does he do?"
  9. "Well, he should in his late thirties or early fourties. His name is Hunter but often referred to himself as 'Sparky'. He was a mechanic if I can remember. I saw an ad in a piece of newspaper I used to wrap some of our food in not too long ago. He works in a shop that's at the farther end of town but fairly close. It'll be interesting to see what he looks like."
  10. "When do you leave?"
  11. "Tomorrow. The same time you should."
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