Irrevocable Love part 5

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Hey guys!!! Part 5 to this...hope you like it :) my master-mind >:) helped with the ideas....such awesome ideas but... things are getting pretty intense in these next parts...

I hope you guys comment :) I would love to read what you guys think....I had so much fun making this...and I hope you will enjoy it sooo yeah have fun with the quiz :)

Created by: ilovesasuke

  1. "It's okay," you say hugging his neck with a tear coming out of both of your eyes. "Well, I think we should get a move on," said Wolfe. Chad stood, your still amazed of how tall he is, "follow me, you'll understand why I've been gone for a while." Everyone follows him, but its midnight and you're tired, so Nathan carries you bridal style. "______ wake up, we're here," said Nathan in a very soothing voice.
  2. You wake up, a bit slowly, when you wake up you're on a beach. "Where are we?" you ask, "on a beach what's it look like," laughs Tala then Wolfe punches his arm and he stops. "So you spent...about two weeks....building...a hut?" said Wolfe confused. "Have you went in yet?" said Chad in a reasoning tone. "No," said Tala. "Then..go in," said Chad. The guys let you go in first, you look around..and its the most amazing place you could imagine.
  3. You check out the place, "____ this is your room," said Chad. It was huge, two queen sized beds put together with a turquoise silk bed spread, a window that looks out to the ocean, walls were velvet black, floors were an amazing black marble flooring. "Chad, all you had to do was give me a bed in a room...this is beautiful," you say trying not to cry at his generosity.
  4. "I did it for you," Chad said. You hug him tightly, "thank you so much." Nathan comes in, "Chad, I just want to thank you for generosity, I'm sure you've heard the news about the Aliah society," "yeah I have, ____ would you like to start training," Chad asks you. You nod, "I think we should let her sleep Chad," said Nathan. Nathan picks you up and places you on your bed, "we'll start training tomorrow, goodnight ______," said Nathan.
  5. "I'm not sure how safe she is anymore," Nathan says worriedly. "She's gonna be fine," said Rebecca, "we just need to train her," she then cuddled into Adam, "she's like a puppy," she giggled. Now back into your room, you hear a tap on the window you look out your and there's a person out of it. It was a guy, he had hair that was black, his eyes violet with touches of red, he was really pale but it was really smooth, like velvet.
  6. "Um...hi?" you say to him. "So what's your name," he asked. "You know it's common courtesy to tell your name before asking others," you say to him. "That's not important...just call me..Kevin," he said with a polite smile. "Oh...well...hi..Kevin," you say a bit confused. He comes through the window and into your room, "so do you know Wolfe and the others," Kevin asked. "That would depend why your asking," you say feeling unsure about him. He laughs, "I'm sorry if I'm intruding, I just noticed that you are just....," he trailed off. You smile a comforting smile, "its okay, just..don't scare me by just jumping to conclusions like that," "oh I scared you? I'm sorry," he said hugging you. "You must get scared easily," he said to you. The Sun was beginning to rise, "I'll see you later..ok?" he says, "um sure," you say. "Oh and another thing, me meeting you is secret..ok?" he asked you. "Sure, but why," you ask, "I'll tell you later..bye," he said then kissed your forehead. A few seconds later you hear a knock at the door.
  7. "_____ you up," you hear a voice say on the other of side of the door. " I'll be out in a bit," you say. You put on some clothes, walk outside, and begin your training. You first start training with Wolfe. "Alright...first you need to know all 4 vital points; heart, liver, kidneys, and juggular," he says, "you need know these points and know the right amount of strength to make your kill efficient." You remember the points really well. "Try to hit my vital points....gently though...I don't wanna die just yet," you both laugh for a while, you hit him then he falls to the ground. "Oh--the light---oh I-I see beautifu--....GOOD JOB," he says scaring you a little and everyone laughs.
  8. "Touch where my heart is," he says, you touch. "Now liver," he says, you touch. "Juggular," he says, again you touch. "I'm sure you know the last part," he said with a smile. You touch where his kidneys are. "Good, hey Talas back," he says with a smile. "Same for Connor," says Nathan. " and the rest of the society is dead...slaughtered," says Tala with a grim look. "Same thing happened to our society," said Connor. "We need to train you to be a killing machine, _____ , if they can destroy the societies imagine what they could do to you," said Nathan worried.
  9. "Relax Nathan, we'll get her trained in no time," said Wolfe. "I just don't want her hurt," said Nathan. "Heart, full strength," he said looking straight at Nathan. You hit with all your might without looking at Wolfe. He gasped a few times, "do you know how hard it is to make a werewolf do this?" "Was that too hard," you ask Wolfe worried, "no...I asked you to do it," he said. You train for a while..until the moon comes up, you're exhausted..Jessie taught you how to do earth style, Wolfe taught you air. You now know the elements.
  10. Nathan carries you to bed, "goodnight ____, you'll train with Tala tomorrow but get your sleep," says Nathan then kisses your forehead. You close your eyes and a few minutes later..well what at least seemed was midnight again, you hear a tap on your window, you open it and its Kevin. "Hey Kevin," you say happily. CLIFFHANGER!! WHO DO YOU LOVE?

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