Irrevocable Love Part 11

Well...sorry for being terribly reason is on question 12 ^.^ I tried to make this long....(that's what she said)....I'm sorry....but thank you my master mind >:D for helping with ideas.

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Created by: ilovesasuke
  1. You first trained with Connor, he looked eager to train with you. "Show me what you got," said Connor getting in a defensive stance. You readied yourself and when you charged towards him, you had then turned to water that then fell to the ground. You had ran behind him and put an ice kunai up to his neck, "that was easy," you say in a happy voice. Connor had looked stunned for a second, "I just went easy on you," he said with a smirk. You narrowed your eyes, then backflipped a few feet with an ice clone taking care of Connor. You had then seen a water cage fall where you were standing. You had then seen Adam come from the tree tops and land on his feet onto the ground. "I thought it was cats who always land on their feet," you say a bit humorously. "Well...if that's what you want to think," said Adam sprinting towards you. You then made multiple ice clones that freeze anything it touches. He knew he wouldn't have anything to defend against it, knowing that water only freezes. " win," he said holding his arms up as if he were caught by the police. You then smirked feeling accomplished, then made the ice clones turn into snowflakes.
  2. Rebecca came running towards you, "I saw it all, YOU DID AWESOME _____," she said intrigued, "tomorrow you train with me." You all went in and decided to chill out in the living room. You sat with Nathan on your right and Jessie on your left. "Ok...I know something we should do...," said Rebecca with a look in her eyes. She then ran into her room, ran into the kitchen, turned off all the lights, and came back in the living room with a huge bowl full of gummy bears. She turned on the TV and put something in the DVD Player, then sat down with both remotes. She had turned the living room, into a theatre. She didn't let you see the title, but when the movie had came realized it was a horror movie. "This is gonna be awesome," she said happily. It was about 10 at night when she started the movie, it was one of the most scariest movies ever created. She sat in Adams lap, holding onto him when she was startled a little. You were about to doze off until something popped up at the screen and screamed. You nearly fell off the couch and hugged Jessie tightly. He held you tightly and laughed a bit.
  3. Jessie then let you go when you were sitting up. A few hours passed by and you then closed your eyes and fell asleep. When you had felt like you were alone in the living room, you opened your eyes a little. You had then found yourself asleep on Nathans lap, with him stroking your hair gently. You could feel yourself blushing a bit, and then pretended to still be asleep and wrapped your arms around his neck. He then laid down with you on top of him. Your ear was on top of where his heart was, you couldn't hear a heart felt a bit bad for him.
  4. Morning had come a bit fast to you, you had then heard a shutter of a camera and had seen a flash of bright light. When you had opened your eyes, you had seen that you and Nathan were cuddling with you on top of him. "You two would be so cute together," she said teasing you. Nathan was already awake, you blushed a little, "I'm sorry, I-I didn't mean," you said trying to get up...and accidentally felt his abs which made you blush like crazy. "Why apologize? I kinda enjoyed it," he said winking at you. You had then were heading towards your room, then as soon as you had gotten through your door, Connor and Adam jumped out from behind the door. Knowing that you hate pop ups, they had popped out to scare you and you had jumped back, screamed a little, and fell to the floor in a ball. Nathan and Rebecca came to check on you. "___what happened," asked Rebecca, she then turned her head to look at Connor and Adam laughing their hearts out. "W-we," they had both managed to laugh out.
  5. Nathan helped you up, and you had then went into your room and told them smirking a bit evily,"I'm gonna get you both back...just you wait," you said playfully. They then picked themselves up and went back into their rooms. You had then gotten dressed for training with Rebecca.
  6. You finished getting ready, and headed towards the door. You waited on the front steps for Rebecca, then Chad came to join you on the steps. "Hey Chad," you said happily. "Hey ____," he said back to you. 'He's not one for talking is he,' you thought. "Thank you, Chad...thank you for everything," you said happily. He looked a bit confused, but you hugged him while he was off guard. He blushed a little, "um..your..welcome..I guess," he said wrapping his giant muscular arms around you. You didn't know Rebecca was behind you both, "ooooh...___..your cheating on Nathan with Chad...," she said teasingly. Chad looked a bit confused and surprised, "I'm joking...she's not dating anyone," Rebecca said to the confused Chad. "You ready ____?" "Yup, only if you are," you say to Rebecca happily. Chad helped you stand up, you took his hands and he pulled you up. He looked you in the eyes calmly, you looked at him with the same eyes. You had then snapped back into reality and continued on your way with Rebecca through the woods.
  7. You and Rebecca were going to her secret training grounds. "So...only you know about this training ground," you say, "and Adam." "Mmhmm," she nodded. "I bet when you two are alone it sure is a 'training' ground," you say teasing her. "I wouldn't be one to talk...besides I saw you and Nathan last night...I have pictures of you two cuddling...that's just the beginning," she said teasing you back playfully. You blushed and then stopped at the training grounds. It had looked so organised, there were little dummies with Stalker Ben's face on them. She didn't like him like you didn't like him. "Alright...lets get started," she said charging towards the dummies.
  8. You and Rebecca trained for a little while, then you had both felt the ground moving...then you had both heard very annoying 'rapping'. "Oh boy...its Stalker #2," Rebecca said rolling her eyes. You had both then seen trees falling over, then a voice that boomed, "I AM NOT STALKER NUMBER TWO!!!! I AM MICHAEL!!!!," he boomed loudly. "Is this Sparta?," Rebecca teased quietly. "I don't know but I'd say weight is over nine thousaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand," you teased back quietly with your teeth clinched a little. He was very...chubby...and his skin was almost as brown as the trees around you both, his eyes resembled the color of milk chocolate. You and Rebecca looked at each other and smiled and nodded. Just as you and Rebecca were about to finish him, the guys had came to check on you both. While both of your backs were turned he had transformed into a boar. He had shot daggers out of his tusks hitting the guys, causing them to be paralyzed temporarily. When you turned to look at Rebecca, she was on the ground in her wolf form. You then started to feel protective, and you had then turned into a white wolf with black paws and a black tipped tail with (your eye color) that could glow through the dark. 'Hey ____,' Rebecca called to you through her mind. 'Wolves eat boars like that anytime of the day,' she thought encouraging you.
  9. You then started to charge towards him, you had then made ice clones to confuse him. You had 5 of the same wolf sprinting towards him, he had shot fathers at all of them, but they had all dodged them. He had gotten confused and he had stomped the ground and earthquakes had formed in front and around you. You had then jumped off the one piece of earth that stood up the most, and changed back to 'human' form with a fire sword that you had pointed down to go through his skull. Out of nowhere, a dagger had hit you where your heart is. You had kept the same concentrated face and stabbed him through the skull, then you had changed back to a wolf and had snapped his neck with your teeth.
  10. You had then turned into 'human' form with a dagger still in you where your heart. You walked towards the guys and Rebecca. They all stood, Nathan had walked up to you, "____," he said calmly, "you-you're...," CLIFFHANGER!!!! ^.^ sorry for being sooooo late with this...I had major knee surgery last month (August 14th) and...yup...^.^° sorry for being late...who do you love :D

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