~A One Direction Love Story Part 8~

You can stop your grumbling, mumbling, groaning, and moaning, because part 8 of ~A One Direction Love Story~ is FINALLY OUT! Go ahead and read it! :)

So there is indeed a sad part in this part (lol). But I won't tell you what it is. You'll just have to find out, and Ultra-Harry-lovers may want to turn away for it is too sad.

Created by: Br0wnieBunny
  1. Previously on ~A One Direction Love Story~: You got to go to Celina's party! (Yay! :D) Then, One Direction came! (Still Yay! Yay for Celina also because she loves Zayn! ...YAY!) So Harry and you danced, then Harry tells you he loves you. Harry then kisses you! (Yay for me, the creator of this series, because I love Harry! ...YAY!) "So, what happens next?" you may ask. You'll just have to find out in Part 8! ;)
  2. Harry's kiss is just so...passionate. He's just a really great kisser. Actually, he's the best kisser you have ever known. Harry sweetly and lightly stops kissing you, looks up at your face, and smiles so hot that your heart literally MELTS. You feel wonderful. "You're such a great kisser." you compliment Harry, smiling and enjoying your time together. "You're not that bad either." Harry says, smiling.
  3. *Harry's POV* I kiss ____ again. She seems to be enjoying it, "This could be a fun night." I chuckle to myself. Now that the rest of the boys are out of the picture, I can feel free to do as I like with ____. A moment of silence, but suddenly... *BANG!* I fall to the ground with blood rushing from my body. "HARRY NO!!!!" ____ screams. I've realized I was just shot, and I become unconscious.
  4. ____ sobs. Right then she realizes the man who shot me was her ex-boyfriend from before she moved to Great Britain. ____ runs after him. Celina, Monique and everyone else watch me being carried to the hospital. As ____ runs, she stops, glances back, concerned, and continues running again.
  5. You start chasing after the "suspicious shooter" (your ex-boyfriend). Luckily, you grasp the collar of his thick leather jacket. "____." he turns to look at you. You can't do anything but hit him right now. "What did you do to Harry!?" you exclaim. "....." he tries to make up a lie. "I--I" he staggers, his voice starts to trail off. "Tell me." you angrily say. Silence. "TELL ME!!!!!!!!!" you scream at his guilty face. "Alright, fine..." he says. "....I'm jealous." he says. "So you SHOT HARRY?" you scream. "...Yes." he says. "I still love you, ____." he sighs. He walks away and it starts raining. Your dress gets wet and soiled as you hear the ambulance truck head to the hospital.
  6. (At Home) Lying on your bed, you sob in your wet and soiled dress. Suddenly you check the calender hung on your wall beside your bed. "August 20th?" you ask yourself in surprise. "I have school in 5 days, and I haven't even bought supplies." you mutter to yourself. Suddenly, your mother runs upstairs and shakes your shoulder. "Did you realize you have school in 5 days and we never bought supplies!?" your mother exclaims. "Yeah." you say, nodding slowly. "Tomorrow morning I want you to get up and get dressed so we can by supplies tomorrow, okay?" your mother says. You nod. Your mother walks down the staircase. You look up at the ceiling of your bedroom from your bed. You shake your head slowly in disbelief.
  7. You're sound asleep until you hear a noise coming from the hallway. You suddenly wake up and check your alarm clock. "3:00 a.m?" you ask yourself, your voice sounding soft and scratchy. You try and go to bed again but keep hearing the noise. You wake up. This time, you only open one eye. Your eye peers around your room, looking for any object that might be causing the noise. The noise stops. You go back to bed.
  8. You wake up late in the morning, and at breakfast. You get dressed in some normal jeans and one of your favorite t-shirts. "Ready to go?" your mom asks. You nod. Your mom grabs her purse and you guys walk out of your mansion, lock it, and head to the mall.
  9. You guys arrive at the mall. "So many shops!" you say, your eyes gleaming with interest. "Let's go to this one!" You run to the store, grabbing a hold of your mother's arm and pulling her towards a store called Claire's. You try on many clothes, go to many shops, and buy many nice-looking supplies. You and your mother walk out of the mall with 25 full shopping bags. You softly giggle.
  10. CLIFFHANGER!!!!! The next part is your first day of school! How will it go? Find out in Part 9! ;D

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