~A One Direction Love Story Part 5~

Sorry if you had to wait a while, and I know I kinda rushed it. I rushed it because I knew you didn't want to wait. Once again, I'm sorry for making you wait. XP

Do you like Niall? Would you and Niall make the perfect couple, or something alot less? Find out in ~A One Direction Love Story Part 5~! I hope you like it! :D

Created by: Br0wnieBunny
  1. Previously: Yesterday, you got a phone call from Niall, and he asked to go on a date with you! :D Then, You went to the Amusement Park with the boys! How fun! But, something scary happened! You got stuck on the Ferris-wheel! Will you get help and escape safely in time for Niall's date? D:
  2. "HELP!!!!! HELP!!!!!" You all scream for continuous minutes. "HELP! HELP!" You guys keep screaming. Finally, the person who controls the Ferris-wheel comes with a chili-dog and a soda. "SERIOUSLY DUDE? FOOD IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN THE PASSENGERS' SAFETY?" Zayn screams at the person who controls the ride. He looks up. "Oh snap..." the person who controls nervously says, shaking his head. "WE HAVE SOME PASSENGERS ON BOARD!" He screams. Everyone crowds the Ferris-wheel watching you guys with terrified looks. "Are they going to be safe?" asks a woman with her child. "Yeah, are they going to be safe?" asks an older man. "They will be stuck there for days." says the person who controls. Everyone had horrified looks on their faces, including you and the boys. "Unless..." the controller begins. "We get a safety squad." Everyone is trying to dial 911 on their phones. The safety squad finally comes and gets you guys down. You step onto the ground shaking.
  3. Harry, Louis, Niall, Zayn and Liam all hug you. Harry seems to hug you the longest, and what it seems like for 2 minutes. "HARRY!" the rest of the boys yell at Harry in a jealous way. You stop shaking. You look at the time. The time says 5:00 pm. "Oh um...I got to go...do something." you say, running off but winking at Niall. "Me too.." Niall says, running. "Wierd..." Liam says.
  4. You run up your platinum staircase and unlock the door. Once you finally come in panting, you notice that it is now 5:45 pm. "Dang, I'm 45 minutes away from the Amusement Park?" you ask yourself, walking towards your staircase to get up to your bedroom. As you step into your walk-in closet, you decide to wear:
  5. Finally from all that panting from running from the Amusement Park to your house, and then up the porch staircase, and then down the staircase that leads to your bedroom, you order your personal butler. The butler runs to you. "Yes?" the butler asks.
  6. "Yes, ma'am." the butler says, rushing to get your order. "Here." your butler says, handing you your beverage. You drink with a grin. You look at the time. "6:00?" you ask yourself, as you hear the doorbell. You answer the door. "Hello, ____." Niall grins. "You look lovely."
  7. Niall grabs your hand and leads you into...."A carriage?" You ask Niall, smiling, shedding some tears and your eyes twinkling. "Yes." Niall grins. "Let's go." Niall says, leading you into the carriage. "Take us to Nando's!" Niall says to the carriage driver. "YAH!" the carriage driver yells, whipping the horses. The carriage starts.
  8. You and Niall giggle and laugh, talking about various things for the rest of the ride. "We're here!" Niall says, leading you out of the carriage. You guys walk into Nando's.
  9. You and Niall walk into Nando's. The waiter comes after you guys have a small chit-chat. "Hello, sorry for the wait." the waiter says. The waiter hands you both menus. "Thank you." you and Niall both say. You order...
  10. "Okay." the waiter says, taking your menus. "I'll be back as soon as the food is done." Niall smiles at you. "How do you like the date so far?" he asks.
  11. "I'm going to get the sauces for our food." Niall says, getting up. You patiently wait. After a while, you think he ditched you. Then you see Niall kissing another girl.
  12. Niall sees you running out and crying. "____! WAIT!!!" Niall says, running after you.
  13. CLIFFHANGER!!! Why was Niall kissing another girl? Find out in part 6!

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