~A One Direction Love Story Part 4~

In this part, you get a phone call from someone! Then, you go to the amusement park! Then, you ride many rides until...something scary happens! (Well for you, because your character has a fear of heights.)

I hope you enjoy part 4! I worked hard on it! I hope you'll enjoy part 4 as much as you enjoyed part 1, part 2, and part 3! I have nothing else to say... XD

Created by: Br0wnieBunny
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  1. Previously: You went on a date with Louis! But, you were banned from the movie theater. It ended up being a great date, though. Until you hear a creaking noise. You find out that it's mom!
  2. "What are you doing here, mom!?" you angrily yell at her. "I'm sorry sweetie." your mom says, looking at the floor with sad eyes. "I thought you said to have fun on my date!" you say. "I did. I was worried though, that's why you heard the creaking noise. I was spying on you. I just was making sure he would treat you right. Again, I'm so sorry. I should have trusted you, Louis." your mother explains. "That's okay miss. I'll just leave and let you guys sort this thing out." Louis says. "Bye, Louis. I'm sorry." you say to Louis, waving. You and your mother talk about what happened.
  3. The next morning, you get a phone call. You step out of bed to get the phone. "Hello?" you answer the phone in a soft and deep tone because you just woke up. "Hi. It's Niall...from One Direction. Remember me?" the person from the other line says. "Yeah...I do. But how did you get my number?" you say. "Well...Louis wouldn't give me your number so I hit him with a sack of potatoes until he gave me it." Niall says. You laugh. "Really?" you ask. "Mmmhmmm..." Niall says, smirking. "So ____, I was meaning to ask you something." Niall says. "Yes? What is it?" you ask. "Do you want to go on a date with me?" Niall asks. "I'd love to." you say. "Hold on a second." you say, pressing hold on Niall. You jump up and down and celebrate, dance and get all happy! "I'M GOING OUT WITH NIALL HORAN!" You scream. You sit back down with the phone and say "I'm back." Niall happily says "How about tomorrow, at 6 pm?" You smile and say "That sounds great." In the background, Liam, Harry, Louis and Zayn are punching and swearing at Niall because they're mad that you're going on a date with Niall. "Um...I got to go." Niall says, trying to resist the pain of the boys and ending the phone call. You put the phone away.
  4. You head down the staircase, and notice that your mother isn't home. You realize that you want to go to the amusement park, so you call Louis. "Hello?" Louis answers the phone. "Hi, it's ____." you say. "Oh, hey ____! What's up?" Louis says. "Want to go to the amusement park with me? Me, you, Liam, Harry, Niall, and Zayn can all go!" you say excitedly. "That sounds great!" Louis says. "There's one problem, though." you say, concerned. "What is it?" Louis asks. "My mom isn't home, so I can't drive." you say. "Don't worry, we can pick you up." Louis says. "What a relief!" you say. Louis laughs. "We'll pick you up in five minutes." Louis says. "Okay. Bye, Louis." you say. "Bye, ____." Louis says. You hang up. You sing some awkward song you made up about amusement parks. "Amusement parks, amusement parks! You amuse me!" you sing off pitch because you just woke up 10 minutes ago.
  5. (5 minutes later) *DING DONG!* Goes the doorbell. You answer the door. "Hello, ____!" Louis says, smiling. Zayn, Liam, Niall and Harry give Louis dirty looks as in: "Don't steal her away from me." Louis makes a dirty look back. "Are you ready to go, ____?" asks Louis. "Yeah I'm ready, but let me go grab some money--" you begin. "No need for that, we'll pay for all of it. We brought 5,000 dollars with us so we can buy food, drinks, and ride every single ride there." Louis smiles. "Oh, what gentlemen! You wink. You walk out onto the porch, closing and locking the door after you. "Let's go." you say.
  6. You and the boys are headed towards the Amusement Park. All of you are bored. "Hey, want to play a game?" Harry asks. "Yeah." everyone answers, including you. "How about Ispy?" you suggest. "Yeah, sure." everyone agrees. You and the boys play Ispy until you guys reach the Amusement Park. "We're here." Louis says. Louis parks the car. All of you get out of the car. "What should we ride first?" Zayn asks. "Something small, and then we'll ride bigger roller-coasters." you say. "How about that one?" you ask, pointing to the love ride. You and the boys sit in the boat, but they all want to sit by you. Harry shoves them all out of the way and sits by you. The rest of the boys grunt and sit in the back of the boat. You guys ride in the boat. Harry blushes, and makes the common move, where a guy yawns and puts his arm around you. You smile at him. He smiles back. The rest of the boys make dirty looks at Harry.
  7. You all get off of the boat. "How about we ride this one?" Niall suggests, pointing to a water-slide. "Yeah!!" you and the rest of the boys agree. You guys sit in the boat at the top of the water-slide. Niall sits next to you. The rest of the boys grunt. You guys all enjoy the water-slide. You guys all get wet and laugh. "That was super fun!" You giggle. "Yeah!" they all agree. You guys go to the food booth and buy hot-dogs and soda. "Yum!" Niall says, eating his hot-dog.
  8. "How about we ride that?" suggests Zayn, pointing to the merry-go-ground. "Sure." you all agree. Everyone gets on a horse. Zayn sits on the horse next to you. The rest of the boys make dirty faces at Zayn. The merry-go-round starts spinning. It goes faster and faster, and Liam nearly throws up and says "It's going too fast!!" You and the rest of the boys laugh at Liam. (in the playful way to laugh, not in the offensive way to laugh.) You guys get off the ride after it stops.
  9. "How about this?" Louis suggests, pointing to a roller-coaster. "Yeah, let's go!" you all agree. You guys get strapped in. Liam sits next to you. The rest of the boys sigh. The roller-coaster starts. You guys have a fun time, but most of the time all you can hear is yourself screaming. "It's okay!" Liam says, holding your hand. The roller-coaster finally stops. "Phew." you say, relieved. Liam laughs, hugging you.
  10. "How about that?" Liam suggests, pointing to the Ferris-wheel. "Okay." the boys agree. "I don't know..." you say. "What's wrong?" Louis asks. "I have a huge fear of heights..." you say. "It will be okay." Harry says. You all get on the Ferris-wheel. Louis sits beside you, holding your hand because you're scared. The rest of the boys make dirty looks at Louis. It starts, going really high. You shake. "It's fine, don't worry." Louis says. "Okay..." you say, still concerned. You guys reach the top, where you can see a beautiful view. Right until the Ferris-wheel stops... "What happened?!" Liam asks worriedly. You panic.
  11. CLIFFHANGER!!!!! You guys are stuck! Will you guys get help and escape safely? Find out in part 5! PS: Part 5 is also your date with Niall!

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