Are you like me at allll??:)

Are you like mee?? Do you like twilight? DO you like cheese?? Do you like unicorns?? Do you like meat? Do you like 1D?? Do you even know who the heck 1D is?? If so?! TAKEE ME QUIZ!

PLEASE TAKE THE QUIz (the best) one direction love story part 1:)... PLEASEE IM BEGGIN U!! OH and i might do a part 2 to this quiz bc this was very fun to make:)

Created by: bravogrl

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  1. Team Jacob or Team Edward??:)
  2. Whats your fav color????
  3. Where do you like to shop??
  4. whats ur fav type of songs?
  5. what is/was your fav school subject?
  6. what kind of guysss do you likee??;)
  7. You should take my quiz (the best) one direction love story part 1:)... pleaseeeee:)
  8. How do you feel about one direction?
  9. are you a deep person??
  10. Do you txt alot??

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Quiz topic: Am I like me at allll??:)