Twilight Love Story part 1

Twilight love series ♥ I wanted to do a exact replica with the series but like still have some love going on with Jacob and Bella so they'll be a twist to this love sitcom ♪

I hope you like it because it took like forever to write, yano? And I really love Twilight so that's why I did this story! I'm so mad because they ended too. :c Anyway enjoy ♥ -LovelyTeenWriter

Created by: LovelyTeenWriter
  1. You just moved in with your dad when your mom and step-dad decided to take a vacation without you. Your dad put away your stuff and smiled at you shyly. "Well he's your room everything seems to be in the right order..." he hesitated looking at you kindly. "Um yeah, I guess. All I need is a bed really." You replied looking down at the floor. He nodded his head and walked out the room silently. "Great..." you mumbled to yourself quietly. You walked out your new room and took a look out the family window. Your best friend was outside with a big grin on his face when he saw you. You smiled back and ran outside. "Jake! Oh my gosh, it's been forever!" You yelled giving him a hug. "Yeah, see your still cheery as always" he laughed hugging you back. You looked at your dad and Jacob's dad play fighting in the middle of the street. "Are they always like this?" You asked Jacob staring at them. "It gets worse when they age." He whispered back looking at them. "Ah, you've still got it buddy" your dad told Jacob's father. "Ha, you do too.." he replied punching him on the arm gently. "Oh Bella, you like your new car?" Your dad asked you pointing at the orange truck you were leaning against. "Oh my gosh!! It's mine?" You squealed leaping into the front seat. "Yep all yours Bells." Your dad told you smiling. "I told you she'd love it." Jacob's dad whispered to yours. You nodded your head and smiled. Jacob leaped into the seat next to you smiling. "So, you only have to worry about these two controls over here and you'll be fine Bella." He told you happily. "Oh thanks Jake. You want to drive to school together?" You asked him smiling back. "Oh Bella....I'm sorry but I go to school on the reservation" he said sadly looking at you. " would've nice knowing at least one person" you mumbled sadly
  2. Next morning you pulled up to school in your orange truck. When you found a parking spot by these kids you parked the truck there and stepped out the car. "Nice car" one boy said making the girls by him giggle. "Thanks...." you replied walking away from them into the school building. A boy who looked like he could be asian walked next tp you. "Bella, right?" He asked you with a big smile on his face. "Um yeah that's me..." you replied wondering how he knew your name. "I'm president of the student body council nice to meet you! And I can help you with anything need a lunch date, someone to show you around, a helping hand...." he told you smiling really hard. Is this guy way to happy or it just me?, you thought to yourself. "I'm good, but if I need anything you'll be the first to know" you stated walking ahead of him to your class.
  3. Your first class was a bust. Your teacher was always asking you questions which you hated because you obviously didn't know them. Your new. Anyways it was time for gym and the girls and boys were seperated in different sides of the gym. You girls were playing volleyball (your least favorite sport) when you hit a guy in the head with the ball. You ran over there to get the ball back smiling apologetically. "Oh I'm sorry about that...I'm Bella" You told him grabbing the ball from his hands. "Oh, it's cool" he said as you turned to walk away. Before you could a girl walked over to you two. "Haha, doesn't she have a great spike?" She asked the boy as they started laughing. You nodded and walked away to join the next volleyball game.
  4. You sat down at a lunch table by yourself until the boy and girl from gym sat next to you. "Hey Bella, we just thought we'd sit here, cool with you?" She asked already eating her lunch. You nodded even though you didn't want them sitting here. "Ay! Guys! You met my home girl Bella!" That asian guy said sitting next to you. "Your home girl?" The boy from gym asked laughing. "Yeah my home girl" he replied hugging you. "You guys are so stupid." You laughed pushing him off you. Then some guy kissed your cheek and ran away screaming, SHE'S MINE! "Wow omg you already havs the guys on you Bella" the girl from gym laughed nudging your shoulder. You nodded your head. For a few minutes you guys talked more until some group of kids walked into the lunch room. "Who are they?" You asked the girl next to you. "Oh them, the Cullens. Dr. Cullen's adopted kids, they came from Alaska or something like that" she replied looking at them. "See the girl with the pixie cut? That's Alice she goes with the blonde boy with the sad expression" she stated looking at them. "See the blonde girl? That's Rosalie. She's with the big tough guy with the smirk on his face. "I find it gross that they all date each other..." she stated eating her lunch again. "It isn't like they're really related" another girl replied laughing. "But still...they live together that's weird!" the girl next to you replied. "Who's that guy?" You asked looking at the next Cullen to sit at the table. "Him? Edward Cullen. Gorgeous guy, but he seems to think nobody here is good for him." She sighed eating her lunch again. You kept looking at him until he looked back. "Don't waste your time Bella. The Cullens keep to themselves." She noted out eating her lunch. You nodded your head and smiled at Edward.
  5. You were done with your classes at your new school and you were walking back to your truck. No one was out here which you thought was pretty strange. You looked around as if all if this was just a game. Then you heard a loud honking noise and before you could move it almost hit you. Wait....almost? You opened your eyes to see Edward Cullen holding you in his arms and pushing the car back. "How the h-- are you doing that?!" You yelled at him as the car pushed it's self around. "Just be happy your safe, stay out of trouble Bella Swan." He told you walking away silently. "What? Answer my d--- question!" You yelled running after him. But after a split second he was gone. You looked around really confused. "Whatever" you mumbled walking to your car angrily.
  6. You parked your car and went inside. He pushed a truck, you thought. I'm pretty scared of the boy now. You ran upstairs hurriedly and closed the door. You decided to skip dinner until you could think this through. "I have to know how he did that" you mumbled falling asleep tiredly. And then....
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