Broken Heart Love Story 1

Welcome to my new love story. It's different, because there's only one boy. Things will change . . . This was just a filler part. Important information is below.

The broken heart part doesn't come until later. I mean I long time later. *[insert words here]* is you thinking. Capitals are either some character yelling or a loud noise. It may be an emphasis.

Created by: Icewolf
  1. Read the opening passages first. Please.
  2. You look at the 7th grade class in front of you. Most of them looked up from their work (reading) and looked at you in a friendly and inquisitive kind of way. "Class, this is _________," said Mrs. Culvi, your homeroom teacher. She taught language arts. "She moved to here from--" Mrs. Culvi looked at you. "California," you say. "She has come here from California and will be joining us today. Let's welcome her." The kids murmured a welcome in unison, like any class would've done. Mrs. Culvi steered you to a desk. "You'll sit here.
  3. "I'm Cami," a girl next to you whispered as Mrs. Culvi started lecturing about strategies. "Call me Cam. Everyone does." she pointed to several kids nearby. "Ethan, Sabrina, Caroline, and Jay."
  4. You looked at them. Cami was on your left, Caroline was in front of you, Ethan was in front of Cam, Sabrina was two desks away, and Jay was next to you.
  5. Description time! Cami: A brown skinned girl with black braided hair and glasses, friendly brown eyes.
  6. Sabrina is a tall girl, usually nice. She has light brown hair that is in two braids and light tan skin, with brown eyes.
  7. Caroline is a large girl with glasses and very pale brown hair. She can have a temper, and is easily annoyed or offended.
  8. Ethan was a boy with dirty blond hair, greenish-brown eyes, and is funny . . . Sometimes too much, sometimes gross.
  9. Jay is a boy with black hair, brown eyes, and glasses. He is tall and slim, and has tannish skin. He has a strange silver-blue bracelet on his left wrist.
  10. And, if I must . . . Mrs. Culvi is a young woman with brown hair to her neck and pale tan colored skin. She has brown eyes with a tint of green and a friendly smile.
  11. Kk. That's it for now, sorry.

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