A Twisted Love 5

First of all, I want to give you notes. The 'no one' result isn't here, since it's about time you found your true love. Second, this will be mainly storytelling, not love. It'll be better next time.

So, as the plot goes, your suspense and your crush is raising. Who will you choose? It is in your power, but expect a broken heart or two during your final decision.

Created by: Icewolf
  1. First, check the opening paragraphs. It is very important.
  2. "Stop," repeats Chris. Rick is behind him and pulls Chris aside to speak. Gaining the chance, the boys shove you out and you fall. They follow you, and you end up in a dark night sky. After getting far (and locking Chris in his own prison), you hear a bark in the distance.
  3. It's Winter Shine. She is running to you, her multi-colored pelt flashing in the trees. Behind her is a spot of white and black. Winter sits down in front of you, wagging her tail like a puppy, and you hold your arms out to her. "Winter, wha---" You break off as the white-and-black fur hops into your arms. "Umm . . ." you say, "And this is?" You look at the boys. Viker is stifling a laugh, and Ben is making faces like he's trying not to smile. You look down at the bundle, and hold the warm body gently, placing your hands on either side of the animal's flanks. It is a rabbit, which was white with a strange black star-shaped splotch on his head. The rabbit, or rather, bunny (it was quite young) looked up at you with cute, innocent, bright blackberry eyes. His whiskers tickled your nose.
  4. "Okay . . .?" Viker looks at you as you speak awkwardly. "Bring him with us," he said. "There's something . . . how do I say it---" Ben cut him off. "Important." You reach home, or rather, the boys' cabin. "You can go upstairs to sleep. First door on the left hallway."
  5. "Bring the rabbit with you," Ben says. "Ans name him. I don't like calling animals 'it'. Sounds cruel." You nod and let the baby rabbit nestle into your arms. "How about . . ." Your gaze flickers to his forehead, "Star?" "Fine with me," says Viker. "Star."
  6. Winter follows you to the room and you carry little Star. You felt like you were missing on something important. You looked at the bed. "Sorry, Winter," you say, patting her on the head, "But I don't think you can fit on this." Winter Shine blinked. You laid Star on your bed and but your finger to your mouth. "Shh." Then you closed the door . . . And sneaked out.
  7. You are in time to catch Ben's last words, "---might be an animalist." "But we can't tell her," Viker as aid, sounding worried. "I mean, I'm a sonimalist and you're a calamalist, but that took time to find out."
  8. "Yes, it did take repeated trials to know you were a song master and I'm a calander master." Ben's voice.
  9. Master? You wonder. You search your head . . . Does that mean you're an animal master? Ani+malist=Animalist. Ani=? Malist=? The algebra lesson from your teacher seemed far away.
  10. Viker sighs. "I don't want to confuse her . . . And she might think me, you, and the PeaceSeekers are freaks . . ." his voice sounds stressed, soft and quiet.
  11. Ben comforts his older brother, not through words, but you could tell. Viker looks up, and you slip away to your room.
  12. Sighing, you toss and turn as you go to sleep. Star hops away and curls up next to Winter.

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