A Twisted Love 1

Have you seen a love story quiz before? I bet you have. But not one like this! Mysteries loom in from every side, and you are not sure who to trust, and you don't know what's going on in your life.

Until today, and still during today, your character thinks they live a normal life. They go to school, have friends, and everything seems good, until their parents say they are staying at the character's aunt's house. Now, the world has changed . . .

Created by: Icewolf

  1. Before we start, I need to know how tall you are (this will help in the results)
  2. It is your first day to middle school. You quickly get packed, and walk down the street, watching the bus. You didn't like taking the bus. All those kids everywhere.
  3. Ahead of you, you see someone with a backpack. He is tall, and you can see that he has black hair and brownish tan skin. On his backpack was a name, Viker.
  4. You easily catch up to him. "Hi," you say, feeling lost. "Are you by any chance going to . . . Woodrock Middle School?" you ask. He turns. "Yes. It's right over there. I'm Viker. Who're you?" He looks at you, then the school. Viker has dark brown eyes with glasses. "I'm _______," you say. "________. That's a nice name," Viker said.
  5. Viker looks up. "We're here," he says. "Is your homeroom teacher Ms. Smiloken?" Viker asks. "Yes," you say. "Are you in her class?" he nods. "I'll be off then," he says. You nod, leaving. To the lockers, you nearly crash into a boy with short curly black hair. His skin is paler than Vikers' but he has glasses and brown eyes as well. The boy looks downcast. Getting closer, you see his eyes are red.
  6. He looks up when you pass by, but says nothing. You shrug and get everything ready, then walked to Ms. Smiloken's room. You catch Viker's eye, and he smiles. Ms. Smiloken looks up. "_______?" she asks. You nod and see her putting a check next to your name on the list. You notice the other boy is coming into the room, and quickly move to let him in. "Chris?" asks your teacher. "Yes," he replies, and sits down. It seemed as far away from Viker as possible. Where do you sit?
  7. Ms. Smiloken starts attendance and names, since it's the first day, and she begins a lecture on algebra. You are somewhat distracted. Ms. Smiloken goes on without noticing. x+10 = 17, so x = 7, blah blah blah. You notice both Viker and Chris are working hard. Soon, it is lunchtime. Viker comes up to you, but Chris does, too. They oth ask the same question: Will you sit with me?
  8. As you eat, you remember your mom saying she and your father would be staying with your aunt, and that they had packed you some things to sleep at a friends house. You consider who to go to.
  9. You have science classes, language arts, and so on. Soon, you have to choose someone to go home with. You find out your friends are too busy, so your only choice are the boys. You turn to Viken, closest to you. "Um . . ." you begin awkwardly, "My mom said I had to stay at a friends' house for the night . . . and my friends are busy . . . And I was wondering if I could go to yours?" You blurt out the end.
  10. Viker narrows his eyes, and something flashes in them. Slowly, as if it hurt, he said, "No." So then you went to Chris, but he looks strangely at you and says "No." Seeing you ask him and be rejected, Viker comes over. You see him sigh. "______, you can come. You'll soon have to find out anyway." Confused, you nod, and follow him after dismissal.
  11. Cliffhanger! Not a very good one, but still . . .

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