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Ok so this is my new love story. If you havent read my Hogwarts love stories i have hogwarts love stories also but this is my first life like love story! enjoy

yay so your moving to Colorado (Which you dont want to do) And there its your first year of high school! Your new best friend is Zoey and you meet 4 amazing boys ( I forgot to use blane in the one sorry!)

Created by: Mirimichelle
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  1. As you were packing your bags to move to Colorado you heard your cell phone chime. You picked it up and read the text. It's from your best friend Alaska. Alaska: I can't belive your leaving today! I'll miss you. Twins for life? The text said. She said twins for life because every one always said you looked like sisters. (I'm sorry if this is not what you wanna look like) You both had almost bleach blonde natural hair and crystal blue eyes. You had died your hair's ends blue and she had died hers purple. You had been best friends since elementary school. You began to tear up as you texted her: Ya twins for life! I'll miss you :'(((. And then you sat down your phone and headed down the stairs of your house. Your parents had recently divored and your father got to keep you. You were moving to Colordo because your step mom suggested it. As you confronted your father he smiled. "Hi honey! You ready to go?" he asked. "NO I WILL NEVER BE READY TO GO!" you screamed. You were really upset about the move because it came out of thin air. The second your step mom suggested it your dad did it. Thats how it worked. "Honey life will be great in Colorado!" said your step mom staring down at you. "But it will be the worst not knowing any one on my first year of high school! I won't have any of my middle school friends to help me." you muttered. "Were going! End of conversation!" said your dad strictly. And with that he took your bag and placed it in the shuttle.
  2. You walked into the shuttle since you already sold your cars. When the shuttle dropped you off at the airport you didnt say a word. All you did was play tiny wings on you Iphone 5. Your stepmom always played nice when your father was around but when he wasn't there she would scream and yell and then run over to your father blaming everything on you. Like a little child. The airplane ride was killing you. Every minute you were farther away from your old middle school, you mom, your friends and Texas itself. After long hours of flying the plane finally dropped you off in Colorado. You took a picture of the sign that said welcome to Colorado and sent it to Alaska with a million frowny faces. "____ I know this is hard for you but you could at least act like your happy!" said your father angrily. You sighed and got you bags.
  3. The next few weeks of unpacking all of your familiar old stuff and putting it in an unfamiliar home was heart breaking. Finally when your new home was all set up and every thing for once felt at least sorta calm you got scared of what might happen at school. Finally when the school day came you were freaking out. You straightend your hair and got into your high heeled boots. You got into your abercrombie and fitch jacket and were finally saticfied. You did your make up quickly and walked to the bus stop. There were a ton of kids laughing and chatting like they all knew each other. You felt like an outcast. Suddenly a group of obnoxiousboys walked up to you. "Hey look its a new girl!" yelled one boy looking like he was drunk. You stared at them for a second and didn't answer. "Haha new girls got an attitude!" said a boy with jet black hair and green eyes. "U-umm." you stutter. "Daniel! Leave the poor girl alone!" said a girl with red hair and freckles. "Shut up Zoey!" said the boy known as Daniel.
  4. Zoey gracefully U turned to face you. "Sorry about Daniel. He is bad at first impressions." said Zoey with a smile. Daniel was still standing behind Zoey staring at you. "So whats your name?" she asked with a smile. "Oh um its _____!" you say smiling back at her. "Cool! Nice to meet you!" she says. Daniel continues to stare. "Daniel stop druling and go talk to your friends!" Zoey snapped at Daniel. You giggled lightly. "Whats all this comotion?" said a happy voice. Then a boy with dirty blonde hair and blue eyes put his elbow on Daniel's sholder. "Daniel you giving this girl a tough time?" said the boy. "Go away Reed!" said Daniel. "Harsh words Dan!" he said laughing. You and Zoey chuckled.
  5. Zoey rolled her eyes at both of them and dragged you onto the bus and sat you down next to her. You could hear people around you whisper "She is so tan" "Where is she from" "She is going to steal my boy friend I can see it in her eyes!" "She looks way different". Zoey ignored there comments. "So what brigs you to Colorado. You obvoiusly not from here seeing you actually have a tan!" says zoey with a smile. "Texas!" you say with a smile. You and Zoey talk for a while until the bus drops you of at the high school. You and Zoey walk out. "So whats your first class?" she asks. "Mrs.Dicamillo." you say trying to sound out her name correctly. "Oh me too!" she said happily. "AND ME!" said Reed popping up from behind you. You and Zoey laugh.
  6. You, Reed and Zoey all walk together until a boy pops up beside Reed. "Hey Josh!" said Reed happily. "Did you try out for the team?" he asks Josh. "Yep!" says Josh. You eye Zoey confused. "Guys I don't think ____ knows what your talking about. But I dont either! You tried out for what team?!" she says. Josh sees you standing there. "Football and Soccer. Who's this?" he says staring at you. "Oh thats _____! She's from Texas!" says Zoey. "Yep! She's so tan!" Reed says. "I'm actually pretty pale...." you say and they look shocked. "If you our pale in Texas we are vampires!" said Josh with a laugh.
  7. Once you got to your first class you noticed it was math. "I'm dead!" you say. "Hmm?" Zoey says. "I'm the worst at math! And doing it first thing in the morning to!" you say sadly. "OOH Reed is a math geek! He can help you!" says Josh. Reed blushes. "I'm not a geek!" he says in defense. "Your pretty geeky." says Josh. You laugh. Reese sits to your right and Zoey sits to your left. Josh takes the free space next you Reed. Reed helps you along through the math problems. He knows each one correctly. "Wow you really are a math geek." you say quitely and Zoey tries not to giggle. He blushes and continues to show you equations.
  8. I'm sorry but i need to end it there and eat lunch!
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