A Hogwartz Love Story part 1

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Hey so this is a Hogwarts love story and i hope you like it!It's really fun and you get to be with all your favorite harry potter characters ( and my character i will add one your 4th year)

What will your love life be? Hang out with all your harry potter friends and jion this addicting love story i hope you like it and please comment and rate P.S i love getting ideas from fans! OH AND PLEASE BE NICE THIS IS MY FIRST QUIZ SO

Created by: Mirimichelle
  1. It's your 3rd year attending Hogwarts ( the first 2 years there was no romance) You have made friends with Harry, Ron, Neville, Fed/George and Hermione. You kinda hate Draco right now because he always picks on you and your friends.
  2. You board the train and quickly find an empty spot. You wait and wait and... wait but no one seems to come. You kinda were bored so you started singing to yourself: My heart beats as the days float by. You stare at me but I don't ask why. You sang the song you made up in your head until you jump when you hear a familiar voice say "Hey ____! Wonderful song!" It was you friend Harry potter. You smiled and blushed lightly. "You.. um you heard me sing?" You ask under your breath embaressed. "Yep! Your voice is lovely though!" he says with a big smile. Suddenly you notice how long its been since you saw him. You leap into him giving him a tight hug. "Haha ____ it's only been 2 months not 2 years! he said happily returining your hug.
  3. Just then a smiley red head walks in. "Haha! Hi ___!" he laughs and gives you a tight hug. "OMG I missed you guys!" You says happily in your super happy voice. "Whats all this rucuss?" Said a harsh voice. You frowned. It was Draco Malfoy. ( fyi last year he pushed you down a flight of stairs.) "What do you want Malfoy?" Harry asked codly. "___ you STILL angry at me for pushing you down those stairs?" He asked suprised. "UM YA YOU DIT! I WAS I THE HOSPITAL WING FOR 4 WEEKS!" You said angrily suddenly your happy go lucky mood had gone. "Calm down now ___ Draco is just being ignorant." Said Ron using the same tone of voice Harry did. "Geez sensitive little muggle." He said under his breath. "ENOUGH DRACO!" Harry snapped. You restrained him even though you really wanted Harry to pound him. "He's not even worth talking to. You say to Harry and with that Ron pushes Draco out of your compartment.
  4. Just then to red head twins walk in smiling happily. "Well if it isn't ___!" they say at the same time. "Hey Fred Hey George!" you say. Your smile comes back. Once you settle down Hermione and Neville walk in. You all chat and catch up until you arrive at Hogwarts.
  5. The first years scream and yell franticly full of exitment as they run out of the train. You wait for them to go so you know its safe. "These first years will be the death of me." joked Ron. You all laughed and Fred and George kept telling there endless stories of there pranks. Once you get into the great hall and the hat has divided all of the 1st years the feast begins. You had a strange craving to get a pudding cup. You were walking back to your table pudding cup in hand when you bumped into some one. "Oh I-I'm sorry! you say quickly. You look up to meet with stunning brown eyes. "No worries!" said the boy as he chuckled. "Hey aren't you ___?" He asked. "The one and only!" you say with a smile. "I'm Oliver Wood if you've heard of me. He says with a smile. "Oh ya your the 7th year!" you say remembering. "Well see ya around!" he says and waved good bye. Once sit next to Hermione all eyes are on you. "What?" you ask while eating a pudding cup. Hermione squeeled. "How romantic!" she said. "WHAT! NO NO NO!" you exclaimed. "Tell me what happened!" Hermione says. "UM he said hi?" you says awkwardly. Ron frowns. You slowly eat your pudding cup in silence.
  6. Neville couldn't help him self from chuckling. You stare at him clueless. Then Hermione, Harry, Ron, Fred and George all started cracking up. You gave them and odd look. "You know pudding isnt a full meal right?" said Harry as he laughed at your childish ways. "Would you like me to take my pudding else where? you asked frowning. "Haha no its fine its fine." Ron said. "OH I was laughing because of how Oliver was acting." Hermione said awkwardly. You frowned. " He acted weird?" You asked kinda sadly. "Well ya." Hermione said giggling. "I do have to admit it was pretty funny the way he acted. You said to Hermione as you both giggle. Then you notice none of the boys are laughing or even smiling for that matter. You creased you eyebrow in confusion.
  7. "Whats wrong?" Hermione asked just as confused as you were. Then Ron angrly yanked you by the arm and dragged you to and abdoned hall way. "What?" you ask calmly as Ron looked at you we pure rage. You frowned a concerned frown and he stared down at you becoming less angry. "You ok?" you ask hoping he wont start yelling at you. "BLOODY HELL ____!" He yelled. You grimaced and looked shocked and hurt. "W-What do you ugh um mean." you ask getting a little more ticked off. "That is just sick he is 4 years older thank you!" he screamed. "WE JUST TALKED! GOD DAMMIT RON I JUST MET HIM AND NOW YOU ASSUME SINCE I TALKED TO HIM FOR 5 MINUTES WERE DATING? You ask loosing your temper. "___." he said quitely looking down into your eyes. "Don't even talk to me!" you say and you run off to your common room.
  8. Once you enter the the gryffindor common room you notice no one is there. You ended up crying your eyes out and falling to sleep on the couch. A few hours later you felt a slight tap on your head. "Wakey wakey!" called out a familiar voice. You opended your eyes to Harry staring down at you. You pop up and look around the room. "Were is everyone?" You ask. "Oh well once every one got back to the common room they noticed you laying on the couch. We decided to let you be then every one went to there dorms to sleep." he explained calmly. "Oh." you say quitely. He stares at you for a while and then take in a deep breath. "Ron was really upset you know." he says looking straight into your eyes. "Huh?" you asked. "Well he came back into the great hall with out you and we asked him where you were and he said nothing. All he did was frown the whole time." Harry looks at you we concern in his forest green eyes. "I-I um guess I feel bad bout that but it isnt an excuse for him yelling at me for just talking to another boy. It's not like were dating! And even if we were he still wouldn't have the right to tell me who I can and can not talk too. Harry nodded silently. "Your right." said a sad voice out of the shadows. O: Ron walked out from the corner of the room to were you and Harry were sitting. "I'll leave you to alone to talk...." Harry said kindly then he gave you a warm smile.
  9. Ron looks into your eyes but you quickly turn your head away. "____. I'm really sorry." he said his eyes were sad and you felt so terrible for him no matter what he did to you. You stared at him for a few second then you looked into his eyes. You quickly gave him a long hug. "Haha. The face always works!" he said with a smile. "RONALD WEASLY!" You exclaim with a laugh and then you playfully punch him in the sholder. "You better sleep with one eye open Ronald." You say with a laugh. "Stop calling me Ronald!" he exclaimed and blushed. You gave a small yawn and he smiled at you. "You look pretty tired. I'll see ya tomorrow! he said with a smile. You smiled and right when he was about to lean in you walked away with out noticing Ron's attempt to kiss you
  10. The next few days you try to learn navigate your self were you need to go. You were walking to go to DADA when Oliver walked passed you with his friends. "Be right back. he said to his freinds and he chased after you. "Hi Oliver!" you say happily with a smile. He look at you and blushes. "Nice to see you ___. Where are you going?" he asked curiously. "DADA" You tell him (P.S DADA stands for defense against the dark arts) "Oh i'll walk you there!" He said and gave you a kind smile. You held your books to your chest as you walked with him. "So um I was um I was just wondering if you would um like togotohogsmedewithme?" He clumped all his words together by asking the question so fast. "Haha sure!" You says and you nudge him with you shoulder. He blushes "I'll meet you at the three broom sticks at 1:30 then! He said with a smile. When you got to DADA he waved and walked off.
  11. You walked into DADA and frowned at Draco who was motioning for you to sit next to him. You looked around the room and you saw Hermione sitting with her friend and Ron and Harry sitting together. You frowned deeply and walked over to Draco. You sat down in the dext right next to him. He smiled at you and you forced a half smile. "Sorry for what happened on the train the other day." he saiid frowning at you. "It's fine i'm kinda used to it by now." you said and then you creased your eyebrows. "What do you mean by getting used to it?" he asked confused. "Getting used to you tormenting me." you said and then looked away from his grey emotionless eyes. He ruffled his bleach blonde hair and then said "Your not that bad kid." As he ruffled you hair. "My hair!" you laughed. Then you messed his up. You laughed at the sight of his hair. "HAHA!" You said. Then Proffeser Lupin walked in and begin to teach a lesson about boggarts. Neville was pulled up my Prof. Lupin to think od something scary. The boggart changed into Proffeser Snape. "Know thats what I call scary!" you exclaimed as every one laughed sudddenly Neville changed Snape into wearing his Grandmothers clothing. Every one cracked up and applauded Neville. When you stepped up the boggart hesitated then it turned into Voldermort. Every one gasped even you. Then suddenly he was wearing a bikini. The class couldn't stop laughing. You blushed and walked back to your seet. Before any one else could take a shot at the boggarts the glass ended and every one swarmed out the door.
  12. After class harry walked up to you and smiles. "Hey __!" he said with a smile as he ruffled his jet black hair. "SO can i ask you a question?" He said looking at you with his forest green eyes. "OF COURSE! Your my best friend!" you said with a smile. "Um i know Voldemort is scary and all but why is he your biggest fear?" he asked Your eyes looked pained. They welled up with warm tears as you had a flash back. Your best childhood friend James screaming as he watched his parents die. You screaming in your father arms as you watched your house collapse. All you would do was kick and scream mum! You end the flsh back quickly and you notice your crying. "OH i'm sorry!" it was stupid of me to ask! Its none of my buisness!" "No you have the right to know." you said through the tears. He led you to a private space outside.
  13. You took a deep breath and began to say " I was just 5. My mum was singing me my special song that she made just for me. Then there was sounds of screaming and evil laughs. Spells were being cast through our house and a huge fire began to head our way. My mum sprinted to get out but the fire was going to fast. It made the roof collapse on her. She begged my father to take me to saftey. He grabbed you and knew he had to leave her to save you. He got me out of the house before the whole thing was engouged by a flame. You could see your childhood friend and neighboor James screaming and crying. Me and my father hid behind trees as the maker of all the coruption apparead. It was Voldemort. And all he did was laugh. HE LAUGHED AT MY DEAD MOTHER HE LAUGHED AT MY CRYING FRIEND HE LAUGHED AT MY BURNING TOWN!" your voice rised as you got to the end of your story. "My dad has been depressed ever since. Since he is depressed he drinks and gets drunk. He also becomes abusive at times."you say through a blur of tears
  14. Harry stared at you for a moment and then you felt his body around you hugging you tight. You cried for what seemed like hours with Harry sitting there stroking your hair and comforting you. "I-i'm so-sorry! I'm so ignorant to be the one crying when you've go it so much worse!" you managed to choke through your tears. "Shh dont say that." he said calmly. You smiled at him and he let you go. "OH! he gasped! I got to go meet Ron see ya later ___!" he called and then he was gone. You took a stroll near the black lake when you heard a noise from behind you. You screamed ( you were always easily scarable) and then you noticed it was Oliver. You smiled at him and then he said "Are we still on for our date tomorroe?" he asked. "Definatly!" you say happily.
  15. OK GUYS HI! I'M GOING TO HOPEFULLY MAKE PART 2 TONIGHT AND IF YOU WERE WONDERING WHO JAMES WAS HERE'S A HINT TO NEXT YEAR! you: OH MY GOD! I cant believe it! Hope you enjoyed your hint but you have to get through this year before next year! bye! please comment and rate please be nice when commenting and i will gladly take idea!
  16. Sorry made an extra on accident

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