Dare to Dream (a 1D/HP story) part 1

As Bravogrl said in the opening paragraph of (the best) one direction love story part 7 :), LOVE that series by the way, there are A LOT of One Direction love stories.

There are also A LOT of Harry Potter love stories. But there are very few, if any Harry Potter/ One Direction stories. This is not a love story because Perrie, Danielle, and Eleanor are in it.

Created by: wolfgrl45
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  1. As I ran through the metal barrier between platforms 9 and 10, I couldn't help feeling a thrill of exhiliration. I had been dreaming about this moment ever since my sister, Elise, had received her letter. Elise was three years older than me and going into her fourth year. I had been waiting a long time.
  2. After a short but dramatic good bye, in which my mum and dad sobbed and reminisced about their days at Hogwarts. I got on the train when it really hit me. I was actually going to Hogwarts!!!! Now the big question: Where to sit? As soon as Elise had stepped on the train, she had gone of with some of her friends. "Thanks a lot, sis," I muttered. As I passed several compartments, I noticed one with five boys in it. One, a boy with curly hair and brilliant green eyes waved and winked at me.
  3. A few steps later, I ran into another girl. "Sorry," I cried. The girl smiled. "It's okay." Then she stuck out her hand. "I'm Danielle. Danielle Peazer." Danielle had very curly brown hair. "Evie. Evie Kent," I responded. "Looking for a compartment too, Evie?" she asked. I nodded.
  4. Danielle and I decided to go compartment hunting together. As luck would have it, we soon found a compartment with just two other girls: one with wavy blonde hair, and one with wavy brown hair about the same shade as Danielle's. "Hullo," I said. "Can we sit with you?" Brunette smiled. "Sure." Soon we settled down with the two girls, who had introduced themselves as Eleanor and Perrie. The food trolley came around and we loaded up. Eleanor, who was muggleborn, was especially excited about the chocolate frog cards and how they disappeared and reappeared and we had a lot of fun trading, especially when Perrie made me give her no one but Libatius Borage, Dilys Derwent, and Armando Dippet for just Dumbledore. "Geez Perrie, you're a tough trader," Eleanor said as I forked over the famous wizard cards. "You know," said Danielle, "Dumbledore isn't really that hard to find. See?" she added as she opened a chocolate frog package and showing us her Dumbledore card. "Give me back my cards," I said to Perrie. "Never!" she shot back. Soon, we were all cracking up as Perrie and I swordfought with our licorice wands.
  5. Not long after that, a prefect popped his head through the door and announced that we should start changing into our robes if we hadn't already. He was certainly right. We were just finishing up when the Hogwarts Express pulled into the station and students poured. Perrie, Eleanor, Danielle, and I had to hold hands to keep from being separated by the huge crowd.
  6. We, with a bunch of other first years, followed Hagrid to the boats and managed to snag one for ourselves. The night was probably as perfect as could be, with the moon shining brightly, and the stars twinkling. The water was as smooth as glass and as black as ink. I realised that it may as well have been ink, as Mum and Dad had told me about the giant squid living in the lake.
  7. I shuddered, imagining long red tentacles reaching out of the lake to pull me under. Luckily, Perrie shook me out of my freakish fantasy. "Look," she said. Hogwarts was right in front of us, glowing with thousands of lights that was reflected in the water. It was beautiful, but slightly intimidating in a way. It made me wonder if I was good enough to walk the same halls as so many great wizards before.
  8. Expeditiously, (soon), we arrived at the castle and Hagrid knocked on the door three times. The door swung open, and Minerva Mcgonagall appeared. "Welcome, first years," she said. "In a few minutes you shall enter the great hall, where you will be sorted into your houses." She went on to explain about the points system, and then we entered the Great Hall. It was spectacular. Four long tables took most of the space, and they were occupied by hundreds of students. The staff table was on a slightly elevated platform on the far side of the room. The ceiling was high enough to hold a cathedral underneath it, and it happened to reflect the night sky's stars. At the far end of the tables stood a stool with a ripped, frayed hat on it.
  9. After the hat sang its song, Professor Mcgonagall began to read off names. It wasn't long until "Calder, Eleanor was called and she walked shakily over to the stool. The hat was silent for a moment, then: "GRYFFINDOR!!!!!!!" The table to the far right exploded to applause, and I clapped too, knowing that Eleanor was quite happy with this placing. Not long afterwards, we heard "Perrie Edwards", and Perrie walked over to put on the hat. "SLYTHERIN!!!!" the hat declared.
  10. None of the others stuck out in my mind, except for "Horan, Niall", a boy with fluffy blonde hair who was placed in Hufflepuff. I noticed four boys in the crowd of first years clapping especially hard for him, like I had for Eleanor and Perrie. And then Mcgonagall called, "Kent, Evie", and I found myself walking over and placing the hat on. I heard a small voice in my ear, saying, "What a difficult choice. Lots of courage, plenty of intelligence, and wit, sly, and seductive, surely, but a great deal of humbleness as well. Oh I know. You belong in..."
  11. Thanks for taking my quiz! Part 2 will be out as soon as I can make it (my parents limit my use of computers), but I promise to work on it as much as possible.

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