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Welcome to "The Other Side", my second series and the little cousin of "Don't leave me hanging", my first series. If you haven't already, you might want to read the previous parts of this series, so that you can understand the story. This part will be in Derek's point-of-view, so reading at least the prologue will help.

Recap: Derek is a semi-vampire who is part of a supernatural team filled with other part-magical being like him. He had a dream about a little boy by the name of Theo with fighting parents. After waking up, he found out that his ex-girlfriend is going as a date for Blake (the boss of the team) to the masquerade party occuring the same day. Left date-less, he went alone to the party, and now, he's still there at sometime around midnight.

Created by: xxblutixx
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  1. ***Derek*** "I have to go." I sit up in attention at Savanna's sudden proclamation. Just a minute ago we were chilling together, listening to some music from my iPod, in the lounge area upstairs of this abandoned hotel Blake chose as his party destination. He had gone off to do something or another -probably messing around with one of his annoying hanger-on girls- and had abandoned Savanna, even though she was his date tonight. Typical Blake.
  2. Savanna stands up, the movement yanking the earbud out of her ear in her haste. She winces at the feeling. "Needed somewhere else?" I ask. "Hm? Yeah. Blake has now decided he wants me," she says, rolling her eyes. "Why are you going back to him?" I ask. Well, more like blurt. S---. That could've been phrased better. "I am his date," she replies, emphasizing the word "date" as if she thought I didn't already understand. Truth is, I don't. I don't understand why Savanna would ask someone like Blake to be her date.
  3. "True," I concede, allowing the matter to drop. As she starts to walk away, I call out to her, "Hey, no hug?" She crosses her arms and smiles teasingly at me, "Have you earned one?" Rather than answer, I wrap my arms around her and press my lips to the top of her head, touching the silky smoothness of her black hair. She pulls back and searches my face with her unique purple eyes before she leans in and bites my lip. She turns and walks out the door without another word.
  4. It's only as I'm watching the last purple-streaked strand of her black hair turn the corner that I realize my lip is slightly bleeding. Savanna's never been one to be gentle, yet I find that I don't mind. Now she's off to go to her date, Blake, and I'll probably find them making out in some dark corner... The thought is enough to want to lock myself in this room for the rest of the night.
  5. Am I jealous? The question floats through my head unbidden. No. It's been months I haven't even talked to Savanna; there's nothing to be jealous about. My feelings, ha my feelings- what do I have there, aren't so fragile that they'd be even remotely affected by seeing Blake and Savanna together. They are each other's dates tonight, after all, so what's bugging me? I push my thoughts aside. Whatever this situation is, I don't know what kind of insanity came over me that I'd let Blake dictate how I'd spend the rest of my evening.
  6. What I need is a walk. Leaving my one earbud out, I drop my iPod into my pocket and start to walk around the second floor. Because this building used to be a hotel, the rooms up here are organized into two large squares, a pattern that I can follow without thinking. Because that's what I need to do: Stop thinking.
  7. It's after multiple trips around this circuit -I wasn't paying enough attention to count- upstairs when I hear screaming and sounds of fighting. Hopefully it's not Petra and Emilia, Blake's top two ladies, fighting again. They're always at each other's throats... Whatever is happening, it seems to be coming from the foyer, and since I'm near, I might as well go check it out.
  8. Looking over the banister, I see a messy scene of fighting. Wayyy more than just Petra and Emilia. Actually, I don't even think they're down there. Water and light keeps splashing everywhere, making it hard to tell what's even going on. Meanwhile, off in the corner of the room, there are two girls lying down. The weirdest part? They're glowing gold.
  9. I don't know what I'm seeing, but, even living with Blake's crew, I know this is out of the ordinary. It gets weirder. One of the girls in the corner stands up, and the glow from her starts to dissipate in tiny sparkle particles, migrating to the pedestal in the middle of the foyer, the one holding the necklace. This is getting too odd. I stand up and walk away, not even turning back at the sound of shattering glass. If anything, I just move faster.
  10. All of a sudden, I fall forward with a solid thud, and the hallway starts to move away from me. Or rather, I guess to be more precise, I'm being dragged along the floor by my right leg. I kick out and twist around to look only to see bright golden light gathered around my leg. Last time I checked, light can't do this.
  11. Apparently it can though, because, the next thing I know, I'm suspended 10 feet in the air, above the hard tile floor of the foyer. Did I mention I don't like heights? Yeah, I'm a vampire, I don't have wings, and I hate hate hate heights. "Derek!" I look down. Savanna? "Let him go. Stop it, you freak," she growls, glaring at the girl who was glowing before. What the h*** is happening right now?
  12. "Derek? Is that what you're going by, now?" a voice muses. It doesn't seem natural. The voice echos through my bones, mocking and piercing. As unreasonable as it seems, I would swear it's coming from a figure made of golden light in the middle of the room. It continues, "We are quite sure that your mother's nickname for you was Theo... shortened from the name of your disgraceful, shameful human father. Theodoric. Don't try to decieve us. We know all about Dominic and your mother. Afterall, it is what landed us here. Between you and the Milia, we cannot decide who is most at fault."
  13. Fault? Milia? Mother? There's a million questions running through my head right now, but the only thing that consistently sticks is that name, Theodoric. It's such an odd name, but it rings a bell of familiarity in me. The sound of that name, especially the nickname, sends chills down my spine.
  14. Theo.
  15. I know... it's been too too long. I hope I can do something to revive this series because I have ideas planned for this story, so I hope I can make it work out. Next point-of-views will be Vixla, then Blake, then Derek. Oh and I need to get like 4 GTQ spolight quizzes out XD
  16. OH! Two last things. Please, if you could, PLEASE check out Fairygal's series "My Tears are for you". She's got a lot of talent, but she's feeling a little down about fan support, and I'm sure a couple more readers (and comments) would brighten her day =) Second thing, I'm restarting my "Celebrity Spotlight" quizzes, and they should be out shortly. Thank you for taking The Other Side and have a splentastical day/night!

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