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Welcome to my new second story quiz series! This quiz and the prologue are the only parts out so far. Though this story is tied to my first series, it isn't necessary to read both, but you can if you want to see the story through both views and have a chance at *almost* all the guys. Since it's been awhile since I've started something new, I really want to hear what you think about the story: rate and/or comment please!

You'll learn about the story as you read, but here's the quick outline: setting: a masquerade ball party Narrator: Vixla (AKA Vi) gray-eyed, raven-haired girl around the age of 15-18 Guys: Blake (leader), Zeke (Blake's best friend), Jared (Vixla's friend), blue-eyed guy ( you'll learn about him later on)

Created by: xxblutixx

  1. I slump in my chair, resting my head on my hands and bored almost to death. This is supposed to be a masquerade party, as in fun, but Blake, my self-titled "boss" and host of the party is taking forever with his introduction to the guests.
  2. Half my attention, okay I admit it, less than half of my attention is focused on listening to what he's saying. As his mouth moves, I get distracted, finding myself observing his costume instead. Mostly the vertical half-mask he was wearing. He was shooting for a "Phantom of the Opera" look, with the appropriate white mask hiding the right side of his face and victorian-style suit. Slits in the back of his suit accomadate his charcoal gray fallen angel wings which actually look like a feather cape when they're folded in like that. His slicked back platinum blond hair reminds me of Draco Malfoy's hairstyle from the Harry Potter Chamber of Secrets movie, and it doesn't help that he has gray eyes too. I wonder if I should mention it to him.
  3. I'm also watching Zeke, Blake's best friend who's sitting next to me, make the next move on our game of extreme tic-tac-toe. I notice his olive green eyes flickering back and forth behind his cream-colored eye mask as he considers his next move. He's opted out of his glasses for today so that he could wear the mask. His hand keeps combing absentmindly through his black hair, pushing it back behind his slightly pointed ears that give the fact away that he's part elf.
  4. Whatever attention I have left is focusing on the party. I observe the reactions of the guests standing below the stage on which I'm sitting. The stage is where all the important commanders or "elites", like me, of our semi-immortal "alliance" are seated while the rest of the guests are standing on the dancefloor. Most of the guests look attentive enough, facing the direction of the stage and making hardly a noise, but it's hard to tell if they're actually paying attention since at least half of everyone's face was covered by a mask.
  5. Since Blake's running this party, only members of the "alliance" are invited which include anyone in his team or those part of the smaller teams that work with his. I fall in the second category, being a team leader of a small group of semi-immortals. Which is what we all are. Semi-immortals. The last true immortals (like vampires, werewolves, etc.) were sent from this world to an alternate one a couple centuries ago. We're their descendents by quite a few generations. Because of this, we are mostly mortal humans, but all of us have a special ability that none of the generations before us did: we can get in touch with our immortal sides and shift into an immortal, magical form that reflects our ancestry.
  6. Being with Blake, immortal form is mandatory at all special events and meetings. Our alliance behind Blake is because he is on the edge of reconnecting a magical network of artifacts, called the Spirit Medallions, that have been missing for roughly a thousand years. The artifact is the key to the place that the true immortals were locked into. In fact, this party tonight is because someone in his team managed to bring back a necklace that is part of the network of Spirit Medallions.
  7. "Vi! Vixla!" Zeke whisper-yells my nickname and then my name to get my attention. I jump in my chair, startled from my thoughts. Apparently it's my turn. I scratch an X into the paper to block a row of his O's. Tired of observing the guests, I turn my observation to the other commanders on the stage. I know of all of them, but, except for a few, not personally. Unlike the guests, most of the commanders make no precautions to look like they really are paying attention. Some look obviously bored and sleepy, some are casting their eyes about the room as if they could care less (which they probably could), and some are visibly just itching to get the party started on the dancefloor.
  8. Zeke turns the paper back to me again. A diagonal line connects five circles across the board; above it is the caption: "I win, play again? ;)" I look up and stick out a tongue at him. He just smiles, amusement lighting up the golden glints in the iris of his eyes. Extra color in the irises was just another plus of switching to immortal form, but, even though I've been around semi-immortals for 5 years, I'm still not used to how entrancing and almost hypnotic they can be.
  9. BOOM ba boom ba BOOM boom The air around me shakes as the loud speakers I somehow failed to notice behind me come to life. I can feel my bones vibrating, and my heart feels like it's pounding hard enough to jump out of my chest. Blake is already on the dancefloor, mobbed by a crowd of his girl admirers even though, tonight he has a date. Half of the other commanders are on the dancefloor already while the others, like me, are half-standing, stunned by the sudden noise.
  10. Zeke is now full out laughing. "I love your reaction, Vi!" he shouts. I can only read his lips because we're so close to the speakers even though I do have advanced immortal being hearing levels on my side. "I'm going deaf here and you're laughing?" I shout back to be heard. He just continues chuckling to himself and offers his arm for me to take. I shake my head and get off the stage with him, arm in arm, to the dancefloor.
  11. As soon as I get off of the stage and onto the dancefloor, I feel a slight pressure at the back of my head, followed by my vision disappearing into black. My long raven black hair, which was held in an updo by a claw clip, has fallen in my face, causing a mini rain shower of the purple glitter, which had been in it, in the process. I part the curtain of my hair and look behind me to see a guy dressed in a lime green costume with a white cape holding my clip with his left hand, baiting me and laughing. His identity is hidden by a white and lime checkerboarded mask, but I already know who it is. "Excuse me," I say to Zeke, "I need to go kill Jared."
  12. "No problem," Zeke laughs. I tear across the dancefloor in pursuit of Jared, which, I know, is taking his bait, but the clip has 3 diamonds embedded into it on each side making it valuable. In addition, Blake gave it to me for safekeeping, and I am not about to risk Jared throwing it in a lake or something. At least I was wearing ballet flats instead of heels, and my dress, while still long and hard to run in, was a little more open at the bottom than the tight, hot pink number my team mate, Petra, had suggested for me. She's actually wearing that, and I can spot her easily as I run, among all the squealing Blake admirers. It looks decent if a little short on her, but I prefer my purple silk and black lace dress.
  13. Being the semi-immortal I am, I have to say that I'm quite agile when it comes to dodging people, and the guests, being the semi-immortals they are, are also quite good at dodging me. Somehow, though, I manage to move exactly the wrong way and run straight into the chest of one of the male guests that I don't know. "Oh, I'm sorry," I apologize, looking up at him.
  14. I'm momentarily stunned because he has the bluest eyes that I've ever seen with a little accent of violet. His mask is a silver Venetian beaked mask, the kind with the long, skinny, hooked beak at the nose, and blue accents. His costume looks like it came from the wardrobe of a rich early 18th century European man and is made up of a long royal blue coat, wide tricorne hat with lace, a white ruffled shirt, gray vest, gray breeches, and white stockings. The moment our eyes meet, his blue with my gray, he flashes his gaze to the floor.
  15. And that's the end of the first part to this party, how am I doing so far? Rate and tell me in the comments please :) (even if it's negative [but no foul language please]) If you didn't like any guys here, I've got more coming up, so don't worry ;) oh and the answers below don't affect your score

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