Are you a fun person

Everyone has a fun side, this quiz shows you how often you use that side and is you have the basic requirments of a fun person which are socilization, humor, temper/ reaction, smoothness

But do you have what it takes? can you be the life of a party, or do you have trouble getting invited to that party. This quiz tells you what you should fix and how you react in situations.

Created by: Kevin
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  1. Are you funny?
  2. At a party are people excited when you show up?
  3. When you tell jokes do people laugh?
  4. are you a good dancer or at least try to dance at a party?
  5. what type off music would be appropriate for having fun?
  6. someone offers to play a drinking game what do you do?
  7. if someone invites you to somewhere fun like a party or a get together what do you say
  8. if I said that this quiz had no possible outcomes how would you respond
  9. I was just kidding there is an outcome
  10. would you care if this was the last question

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