Another Quiz on Bull Crap

This quiz is going to tell you whether I think you are a Loser, a Decent person, a Cool person or the Perfect person. Remember this is just my opinion and none of this is supposed to be taken seriously.

So are you a Loser? A Decent Person? A Cool Person? or The perfect person? Take this quiz and find out. If you do somehow manage to get something you don't like change your lifestyle up a little bit.. Live a little more or a little less.

Created by: tyler
  1. What is your favorite color
  2. Would ou rather drink or get stoned
  3. Would you rather have wild or passionate sex
  4. Are you going to college or nothing with your life
  5. Do you drive a ford, dodge, chevy,or a cadi
  6. how many good friends do you have
  7. How often do you drink
  8. When you bring a girl out do you pay or get paid for
  9. When a guy brings you out do you
  10. what color are your eyes

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