Children of the Sixties vs Old Timers Disease

"If you remember the Sixties, then you weren't there." Well, here's the challenge Boomers. How well do you remember your formative years? Or, are you still stoned?

Warning: taking this quiz without Coltrane, Janis, Jimi, or Pink Floyd playing in the background is so not cool, man. Go dig through your dusty vinyl, we'll wait.

Created by: Benjamin C Johnson
  1. He cleaned up the Beatles, put them in matching suits, and helped launch them to international success, before dying suddenly in 1967, while the boys were seeking enlightenment in India.
  2. While Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin were taking giant leaps for mankind, he manned the command module as it orbited the moon.
  3. Rogue New Orleans District Attorney, Jim Garrion, dragged this respected businessman into court, claiming he had a hand in the JFK assassination. (He was acquitted.)
  4. One of the masters of "gonzo journalism," he first gained notice by riding with and writing about the Hells Angels.
  5. Brian Wilson had actual Malibu beach sand dumped into his living room while recording this concept album that challenged the Beatles to record Sgt. Pepper.
  6. The Greatest of All Time was born ...
  7. This Texas VIP was grievously wounded during the JFK assassination.
  8. Famous for creating a Wall of Sound for his girl groups, this producer was known for his odd behavior and love of guns.
  9. A founding member of Pink Floyd, this singer/songwriter was slowly pushed out of the band after a drug-induced meltdown in 1968.
  10. The Sixties came to a dark conclusion with the Manson killings and this blood-stained music festival.

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