Do YOU have mad snail disease???

Mad snail disease is not very nice. Not very nice at all. Yep, I don't want to be getting mad snail disease any time soon. Yep, it sure is nasty. Yep.

I hope you don't have mad snail disease. Why? Well, I wouldn't be a very kind person if I said "I hope you have mad snail disease", would I? No, I certainly would not be.

Created by: I like spongebob
  1. Has your snail been vaccinated for MSD?
  2. Do you have a rash?
  3. Have you experienced any soreness of throat?
  4. Do you have bloodshot eyes?
  5. Have you noticed any loss of balance?
  6. Are your pants clean?
  7. Is your ribcage ticklish?
  8. Are your toenails severely untrimmed?
  9. Have you been bitten by a snail?
  10. Are you a zombie?

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Quiz topic: Do I have mad snail disease???