Love at Ms Peregrine's home for Peculiar Children

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Love, betryal and action is in this story. Also has leila come up with a new disease or new power? Find out in Love at Ms Peregrines Home for Peculiar Children part 3.

Hi guys! Part three has finally arrived! The base of the story is about travelling and your new power or disease hope you enjoy! Let's get on with the quiz!

Created by: PeculiarGirl.1

  1. It has been hours since findnig the house bare and no-one could eat but they could only plan your attack. They ofcourse fought over who stayed back too protect the loop from invaiders. Horace adn Hugh lose the fight and had to stay back. Everyone left for bed for they all agreed to start at 5am. Everyone left until it was you and Hugh staring at eachoter
  2. "I keep on wondering that nothing bad would have happened if I was never a peculiar.""That's not true I would have never met you and that would be bad.
  3. You didn't hear what Hugh said next because it was over powered by a voice in your head. "I can't believe I gave birth to a devil!"Then everything went black. Memories flooded your head as your abusive parents attacked and you came to close to dying from the wights and hollows. Everything went black and there was a blood curdling scream as someone shook you violently. Everything went back to normal and Millard was shaking you as you let out a scream. You cried and leapt into Millards arms. "It's alright, Angel everything alright." After your little episode there was a fight to see if I should stay or go with the others. Everything was chaos until you rose an agreeable subject. "If I stay by myself I won't be able to fight against the monsters so I should go."No-one argued after that and so you went with the others.
  4. As soon as you took a step out of the door Horace grabbe dyou into a hug. "Be careful."you nodded and kissed him on the cheek and flew to catch up with the others.
  5. The boys already agreed that they will go to the Japaneese 2002 loop. It took about a 15hr walk to the loop entry and you were met by the smoke of the busy city.
  6. You and the guys decieded to try and find somewhere to stay. As you walked along Jacob stopped dead in his tracks and turned around slowly. "Jacob? Is everything ok? what do you see?" you asked urgently. "RUN!"he shouted and all of you were running at full speed with a hollowgast behind you. You jumped into a lobby of a hotel with the others and called an elevator which answered in less than a second. You and the boys clicked on the highest level possible. You blocked the screams and roars of the monster as he destoryed everyone in the elevator. You came to a stop and started banging on the closest door. A young couple swung the door open and stared at you.
  7. They asked questions in language you couldn't speak. When you had enough of the couple whinning on you sung. You sung about them leaving and they ofcourse obeyed. You and the boys ran into the room and locked the doors and windows. then you all went to sleep. Jacob and Millard shared a bed and you and Enoch shared. When Jacob and Millard were fast asleep Enoch whispered "I need to tell you something...""What?" Instead of answering Enoch leaned in and kissed you. You pulled out of it. "I can't do this Enoch, I'm soory?"He nodded and decieded to sleep on the floor.
  8. It was late in the day when you and the boys woke up. You had to change your outfit. "If the Hollowgast's are here so are the wights, We need to get to the french loop before they find us," you explained. Everyone nodded and stole clothes from the couple that left. You were first to change. You got into a japaneese school girl outfit that was way to short for your liking. When you stepped out the boys were dressed in clothes, all except Millard which was in the nood not to atrract attention to himself.
  9. You walked and walked until you came to a small sushi store. Jacob looked embarrassed, "The loop is in......""The what?"you asked. "The girls toilet."The boys sto The stopped in their tacks. "Oh come on! Your not actually staying there!" The boys nodded and shuffled in with you." When you got out of the loop you were met by the frightening top of the eiffel tower. You flew them one by one.
  10. You only just got down with Jacob and you saw him. A person with white eyes. You all ran with him close behind. Then he cornered you all. He lifted Jacob up and his invisble hand strangling him. You turned red with fury and then an invisble hand forced him to let go. "Run!"you shouted. They didn't need to think twice and they followed you. As soon as you did the trance with a different couple like the ones in Japan the flashbacks started up. The memories kept flashing, the bad ones. Until it stopped and you weren't being shaken. everything came back to veiw and the boys were flying you gasped and they dropped. "What happpened?" "You were screaming but as soon as we made contact we were thrown back. It's like what happened to me and the wight. I think you have the same powers as him."Jacob said. You felt the colour drain from your face. "But I can't! I already developed my powers!""Ah! but you see you can still develop until the time your 23 and your 16 so this is your power." You agreed and went to sleep with Jacob sharing a bed with you. When you were sure you everyone was asleep you stepped out of bed to go to the balcony. After a while you heard a voice "What are you doing…

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