How Durham are you?

Durham, NC is the home of Duke University and Research Triangle Park. How many people out there know about the Bull City? Did you go to school here? Were you born here?

Do you think you know a lot about Durham A.K.A. The Bull City? Were you born and raised in Durham, NC? Check out the quiz. Find out who's from Durham and who's just frontin'. Have fun!

Created by: J-Suave
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  1. What is in the place of where the old "South Square mall" used to stand?
  2. Inside the old South Square Mall, what was the name of the arcade?
  3. Which bus route went to South Square Mall?
  4. Where did "Wheels" skating rink used to be before it moved to Hoover Road?
  5. Where is Southern Durham High School?
  6. What is NC-147 called?
  7. What street is known as "Black Wall Street"?
  8. Which gang controls South & Enterprise?
  9. Where is the "Ghetto" Wal-Mart?
  10. Which is the biggest high school rivalry in Durham?
  11. Which hospital is the newest? Duke North or Duke South?
  12. Who is the Mayor od Durham?
  13. Besides "The Bull City", what is another nickname Durham has?
  14. Which public housing project was demolished in the 90's?
  15. What's the name of Durham's newspaper?
  16. What used to be at the corner of Main & Fayetteville St/Elizabeth St before they build those townhomes?
  17. What restaurant at Northgate Mall used to have the indoor playground?
  18. Which of the following is the name of a town in Durham County?
  19. How many lanes used to be on the Downtown loop?
  20. How much does it cost for an adult to catch the bus in Durham?
  21. What street does Martin Luther King Jr. Pkwy turn into for a brief period?
  22. Where is the old Durham Bulls park "The DAP"
  23. Where is the "Chicken Hut"
  24. Which famous baseball player has a street named after him downtown next to the ballpark?
  25. Where do most of the prostitutes hang out?
  26. Which Interstate highways come through Durham?

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