Emo? Or Not Emo?

Emo. Black, eyeliner, dark abysses and crap like that is stuff that us emos are interested in. We're misunderstood, unwanted, hated, all that crap is us and were god dang proud of it!

Are you Emo? Do you like the crap in that gay paragraph above? Then you probably are! Did you hate the crap in the gay paragraph above? Take it to find out if those are your things!

Created by: Anonymous
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Which band/singer?
  2. Your thought on blood?
  3. Do you purposely harm yourself in any way?
  4. Fave Animal?
  5. Suicide notes?
  6. Fave color?
  7. Hairstyle?
  8. Hair color?
  9. Fave Video game?
  10. Do other people call you Emo?
  11. Makeup?
  12. Parentals?
  13. You wear _____ clothes.
  14. Hobby?
  15. If you had a boy, you would name him...
  16. If you had a girl, you would name her...
  17. Do you think your emo?
  18. How many friends?
  19. Your life...
  20. You cry____times a day.
  21. Are you emotional?
  22. At school, work, etc., you...
  23. This quiz...

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