Do yo have Aspegers

I don't know what to write it ride hacking it but that didn't work so here we are what kind of crap do people put here well I'm not sure it's probably because I'm an aspie

Here we go again the same crap happened this time how about I tell you a story so a snowman murdered a pumpkin then it robbed the bank and went to jail then broke out and blew up the world

Created by: Aspie_Swag

  1. Do you have an aspergers diganosious
  2. In a public place around people you don't know how quiet are you
  3. Here comes the meet and great at church
  4. Are you addicted to something like nail polish or horses or something wierd
  5. Are you good at art
  6. Are you good at music
  7. How hard do you laugh at this 👽😛⛄️🎃🔥🐀💞💕🚮😜
  8. Hi
  9. Family party
  10. How bad is change
  11. How awesome is alone time
  12. How many people are on your hate list
  13. What's the best
  14. How about these
  15. 🔦 what does that make you think of
  16. Someone gives you a compenebt you say
  17. Are horses better than people
  18. Worst thing about school
  19. Somebody dies
  20. A nerotypical person just joined your instrument section in band

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