Are you a true WBHS alumni?

I'm sure not many people want to be associated with WBHS unless they actually attened. It was a place of fun and friendship, but at the same time so scary crap. This is a quiz to see how much you remember, to see how much of a true alumni you are. Enjoy!

Are you a true WBHS alumni (mainly in the past 8 years I guess)? Well, lets see, how much do you really remember from there? I know you probably wanted to block some of this crap from memory, but you can't, lol. Sorry if this causes any nightmares or need for medication, lol!

Created by: Sarah of Sarah's myspace
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  1. Have you seen "Lean on Me" and "Remember the Titans" while at school?
  2. What was the horrible senior prank that got them stopped for a year?
  3. Why did Dept. Battle "resign"?
  4. What is handball?
  5. What is a Spork?
  6. Did you eat school food?
  7. Who is Mr. C?
  8. What happened during the typical cat fight?
  9. What happened in the old chorus room when it rained?
  10. Was there rumors of a large fight, including MANY guys?
  11. What was the best part of the pep rally?
  12. What was the bus ride home like?
  13. Which class was the first in a long time to have no one pass away during those 4 years?

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Quiz topic: Am I a true WBHS alumni?