How GHS Band are you?

Remember the good ol days of GHS Band? Can't choose between concert, jazz or marching, so you did 'em all? Did you want to go to UMASS Amherst more than any other college? Then this is the quiz for you!

Think you're an Old School GHS Band Geek? Take my quiz and find out! Make sure you get every alumni you know to take it to, so you can laugh at them for not being as dedicated as you! (Drummers, make me proud!) GOOD LUCK!

Created by: Rebecca
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  1. Band exists to cheer for the football team.
  2. I can walk down the hall next to people out of step.
  3. Finish the banter....Acurately! Band: "Hey Cheerleaders!" Cheerleaders: "Hey What?" Band:"_____________________"
  4. Which section sets itself apart from the others, whether you like it or not?
  5. What is a vital life skill, learned on the bus, regarding competitions and away games?
  6. What are your dinkels?
  7. Who was, and will forever be, the driving force behind the GHS band's success?
  8. Band camp is optional.
  9. How are the feet?
  10. Where do you keep you instrument? (Drummer, I mean your sticks)

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Quiz topic: How GHS Band am I?