Awesome Marching Band Quiz

If you are in marching band or have ever been in marching band you might, or probably know what some of this stuff is talking about. You might know about the stereotypes of bands and some of these might apply to you and some might be different.

But if you aren't in band or have never been in band, or even thought about joining and wouldn't know what to play then take this quiz to see what section you would fit into. And then you may want to go out and get yourself an instrument and sign up for band. Its so much fun!

Created by: Cole
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  1. Do you play a brass instrument?
  2. Do you play the most offensive note game?
  3. Do you play a woodwind instrument?
  4. Do you blow air into your instrument to play it?
  5. Do you think that the band would be nothing without you and point it our often?
  6. Do you have the worlds biggest ego?
  7. Do you like to do obnoxious things that you know will make you director mad?
  8. Do you joke around and giggle with your director?
  9. Do you make shirts for your section just for one day at band camp?
  10. Do you or your section get yelled at a lot?

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