Has Marching Band Taken Over Your Life?

Many people in Marching Band wonder if it has taken over their life. It might just be a lifestyle. People in Marching Band are there because they want to be--or are they? Do you want to be in band? Do you just want the grades?

Has it taken over your life? Do you just love band? Would you like to know how much you really do love it? Are you an all-time band lover, or a clueless, just out for the grades band person? Find out! An easy 12 questions will tell you!

Created by: Theo
  1. When listening to your favorite song, do you ever catch yourself marking time?
  2. When seeing others walking, do you march in step with them?
  3. Do you freak out if you don't have a spare reed or mouthpiece on you?
  4. Do you have Marching Band songs on your mp3 player/portable music device?
  5. Have you named your instrument?
  6. Do you roll step outside of band?
  7. Can you think of questions that should be on here but aren't?
  8. Do you spend more time in the band room than at home?
  9. Is your band director like a second mother/father?
  10. Do you own or wish you owned a 'Ron Hat?'

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Quiz topic: Has Marching Band Taken Over my Life?