How Big Of a Band Geek Are You?

A band geek is a life-style. Its not just someone who plays an instrument. There are many qualifications you must have! Too many to list actually! This quiz will take just SOME of the qualifications, and see if you have them.

Take this quiz to see if you have the geekiness within you! If you don't, I am extremely sorry you can't enjoy band, maybe you could try out for choir or drama. Those aren't as difficult.

Created by: Emily Brown
  1. Have you named your instrument?
  2. How many instruments do you play? (this could mean piano, guitar, tuba, anything)
  3. Are you in marching band?
  4. Have you ever been behind someone and try to be in step with them?
  5. Do you consider the football field the marching field?
  6. Baritones are the best instrument ever!
  7. Are most of your friends in band?
  8. Ever been to a competition?
  9. Do you know any band jokes?
  10. How much do you practice?

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Quiz topic: How Big Of a Band Geek am I?