are you a band geek?

are you a band geek? lets find out using this state of the art quiz! made by: the number 1 band geek in idaho! yes, it's true i pretty much live in the band room but i know my stuff so take the quiz!

step 1: take quiz step 2: get results no matter how bad... step 3: if you need to, go directly to doctors office to get geekitus shot. step 4: if you don't need it, your either lucky or it's to late!

Created by: bekah

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  2. What is your gender?
  1. if a flute is playing a c and a trumpet is playing the same note what is the trumpet players note?
  2. whats a concert scale?
  3. do you play an instrument?
  4. whats a bari saxaphone?
  5. do you go to band concerts?
  6. if i said saxophone players were dumb what would you do?
  7. c d e f g a b c
  8. what is a reed?
  9. c e g g a bflat a g e c e g g a bflat bflat a g
  10. why are you taking this test?

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Quiz topic: Am I a band geek?