Are You A Band Geek?

Being a "band geek" has many connotations. Some people find it a term of endearment, a compliment even. Others laugh at those who are called the "band geek."

This quiz will tell you on which side of the field you are on, literally. Are you on the playing turf, wearing a uniform with a helmet, or are you on the sidelines, shiny instrument in hand?

Created by: Sven
  1. What musical instrument do you play?
  2. How many musical ensembles are you in (including, but not limited to Pep Band, Marching Band, Orchestra, Wind Ensemble, etc.)?
  3. Have you ever composed music seriously?
  4. If you are a college student, is music a major of yours? Or, alternatively, do you plan to study music in college as a major?
  5. Do you understand the following? "Every time you write parallel fifths, Bach kills a kitten."
  6. Have you ever participated in marching or pep band?
  7. How many musical instruments can you play?
  8. Do you play an instrument that is normally played by a member of the opposite sex (i.e. a male playing a flute or piccolo or a female playing a trombone or percussion)?
  9. On a typical day, where are you most likely to be found?
  10. Do you proudly call yourself a band geek?

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Quiz topic: Am I A Band Geek?